Cartoon of "Girl Gone Crypto"/ Inktober✒ Day 14 Theme: Overgrown

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Hey Inkpeeps! ✒😁

This is my first entry for @ocd & @creativecoin Contest based on global art challenge Inktober 2019.

Today is Day 14 and the theme is: Overgrown. I was inspired by @coruscate long hair😃👱‍♀️🥀

Leah is a popular Steemian🎈 Vlogger, Speaker, Half of the @steemsistershow and Co-founder of @steemonboarding
She's also spreading crypto adoption as "Girl Gone Crypto" and you can find her on Twitter & Instagram. She's making Blockchain videos that are interesting to both Nerds and Normies alike.


Take a look at the hand drawings✏👀

Inktober doesn't have problems with making a previous drawing using a pencil to minimize errors ✏😉



💥Now let's Ink it!🖋😉




🌟 Thank you for stopping by!

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Thank you very much!!🙏☄

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Aww Jenina!! This is amazing and so beautiful!! Thank you!! ♥️ ♥️♥️

Thanks😊☄ I'm very happy you liked it! Keep on the great Cryptowork👏🏻😀🌷

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Tu trabajo merece mil votos

Muchas gracias!🤗💗

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This is a work of art 😬😎

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Thank you for the support!🙏🌟

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That's really nice.

Thank you!!!😊🌼

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Thank you🤗 you are welcome!!🙏

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I will!👍😉

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I love the flowers that you put in her hair! Awesome work!

Cool😉🌼 glad you liked it😊

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Oh no!!! This is absolutely stunning! =) ❤️💜

Eheh glad you appreciate it!🤗

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