Inktober day 22-23 - Ghost, Ancient

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Story continues


"Finally you came!" Rachel heard a voice. "What took you so long?"
Rachel recognized it. It was the same voice she heard long time ago in her head.
"Doesn't matter, I am so glad you are here now. Would you be so kind and come with me to my place? My well is just over there. I can't wait to hear all the things that has happened to you and all your thoughts about everything. It's so unusual to find a perfect soulmate like you."
Rachel had nothing else to do so she decided to follow the little girl.


"Make yourself at home. Are you hungry? Would you like a rat?" the little girl asked. "It's been here for a while so it's really tender and moist."
"Thank you but no thank you" said Rachel. "I'm vegetarian."
"Pity, you have such beautiful fangs. I would imagine that they would be awesome at getting a firm grip of the prey when hunting."
Rachel stared at the drawings on the well wall and asked: "What are these?"
"Oh you noticed my art! It's my ancestors. My family could live practically forever, but every now and then there comes someone who wants to know why the current I exists and when they find out, they want to make things right. If they do that, I stop existing. But fortunately there are plenty of children drowned in wells, lakes and puddles all over the world, so when I vanish, next one appears and takes my place" little girl explained.
"So you and your ancestors exist because someone died first?" Rachel asked.
"Yes, it has been like that forever. From ancient times till today. And will be as long as there are those who dislike little girls."
Rachel sat beside the little girl, felt that this was the place she was supposed to be right now and decided to stay. Not because she had nothing else to do but because she liked the little girl. Rachel and the little girl ended up talking, talking, talking and talking. All day, all night and the next day. And several days after that.

To be continued...

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Remember the TV? The first day and the first word. The ring. She's back!ring3.jpg

Wasted several hours to the Ghost drawing. Sketching it with a pencil and then inking it. And the first ink work sucks. I don't like it at all. Except Rachel Rabbit, but everything else sucks. And I wasted enormous amounts of ink to do it. I also made accidental rocks. Ink drops that I thought I could camouflage to be rocks. Finally I decided to do another one, flip the colors negative in Photoshop (do some fine tuning to the well outside the tunnel) and that was it.

The second one, Ancient was easy. Sketching and drawing with inklike brush pens done in an hour. Colors turned negative and that's it! I love how it turned out. And I love the rabbit fur. How it looks more alive now as it's actually negative black. It has some character in it.


Sketches, first version of the Ghost with ink and then Ghost and Ancient with brush pens before Photoshop and negative colors.

And yes. The first and closest three wood planks in the railway look like they are covered with zebra skin. Not so bad on the final negative drawing, very bad in the original, before Photoshop. :D




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I can't draw to save my life...Wish I could. It's pretty sad considering my dad was a pretty accomplished and known artist. :)

I can't draw either but look how much my doodlings have made it better than most of my regular ramblings. (Or perhaps it's the wonderful story that comes with the drawings...) Mostly this has been avoiding to draw things that I know I can't draw. :D My father was and my sister is very good in drawing. Or perhaps they were more patient when learning to draw than what I ever was. That's why I've decided to do this inktober. I'm forcing myself to draw, so that I perhaps could learn something.

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Well that took a dark turn but in a dry humour kinda way, smart how you do the negative space and how you blend the words into the drawing. Well hopefull Rachel does not try and fix it but maybe the girl is not pure evil , guess we will see :) !tip 1

I try my best to make my words blendable.

I think most little girls aren't pure evil. It just seems so at first glance. :D

Thanks! :)

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