Inktober day 16-18 - Wild, Ornament, Misfit

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Story continues


"You breathe the fire here, please", Rachel said to her new friend. And fire she got. Rachel was immediately hooked.
Rachel had never felt like this. Alive!
Her life with Harry was only a distant memory. Something that was never meant to be. Now she felt that this was who she truly was supposed to be.
And this part of her life had fangs that she was proud of.
Rachel shouted from the top of her lungs: "I am a rabbit with fags!"
"And I am a fire dragon! Very nice to meet you!" Little dragon flew beside her, laughed and threw fire where ever Rachel pointed.
"What is this cave?" Rachel wondered out loud and jumped in to the dark hole.


"Wait!" shouted the little dragon.* "It's not a rabbit hole, it's a dragon hole! It's where we go to remember our ancestors. We shouldn't go..."* Little dragon flew after Rachel. "Oops! Now you did it."
Rachel looked at the broken ornament piece on the floor and answered with a tiny and trembling voice: "It wasn't me."


"It doesn't matter, little dragon said. "Rabbits aren't allowed here unless they are for food."
Rachel was horrified and scared like a little rabbit that she was. She saw herself hunted sliced, diced and burnt alive. All of a sudden she remembered very clearly again how peaceful life with Harry had been. And now all she wanted was to go back there. Undo all this, undo her leaving Harry. Just curl whiskers and hear someone call her beautiful. She almost started to cry.
"What is going on here?" an angry voice said somewhere inside the cave.
"Quickly! Come with me before they catch us!"
Rachel jumped and hoppity hopped as fast as she could after the little dragon. Out the cave, down the hill.

To be continued...

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Here's my POD, POI, POR and POC.
Proof of Drawing, Proof of Inking, Proof of Rabbit and Proof of Cat.
Added the grey background to the Wild in Photoshop.
Forgot to draw the second leg to Rachel to the Ornament.




My dip pen is broken. Ink seems to be faulty. I can't draw and I don't even feel like drawing. Although the story making part was fun. But if I try really hard, I'm sure I can't think anything good about that either. The paper that I use is crap. And I need to buy more of that better paper. Which is also crap. The light in my light table is too bright. My neck and head aches. I'm thirsty all the time. Carpets are all wrinkled here. Cats won't let me do my stuff. I'm hungry. My feet and hands are all wrong. Eyes itch. Cat hear in my eyes. Coffee doesn't taste good. Bread isn't what it used to be. It's too dark. And raining outside. Don't want to go outside. Don't want to be in. The air that I breathe is also bad and faulty. And the earth is revolving to the wrong direction.


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Feeling a bit doom and gloom? Probably why the cat wanted to help :) I like Rachels little Rambo band she got on her head. I never could draw the same thing twice, so it is pretty amazing how you keep the likeness of the dragon and Rachel, even down to her burnt ears tips in the wanted poster. I hope they will be ok, maybe the dragon baby will come live with her and Harry :)

Feeling a bit doom and gloom?

I'm past the point: drawing is fun!


I have to admit, I keep forgetting to draw some of the little details all the time. Usually I remember those before I think this is done and close the ink bottle and wash the dip pen, but not always.

Some hair burning, tears, broken hearts and all that agony always needs to be added to serious stories.