Inktober day 15 - Legend

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"It was back in the good old days when I could do pretty much what ever I wanted. Eat as many villages filled with tiny creatures as I wanted. Even though I wasn't hungry. Nowadays we have an agreement. All kinds of regulations and so called mutual understanding. Feeding schedules and no killing by burnt alive or ripping to pieces. So boring. They provide me just enough food so that I won't starve, but I don't have any extra power to fly or produce fire. And offspring doesn't grow as large as before."

Rachel wanted to be polite and listen at grandpa dragon, but her new tiny friend was far more interesting. As grandpa dragon continued his story, Rachel and grandson dragon little by little moved further and further away.

"They feared me everywhere! I dried whole oceans only with my breath because my scales needed the steam cleaning. You have heard of Dead Sea? How tiny it is nowadays? It was me. I needed it. Oh the wonders that salty steam can do to ones skin!"

To be continued...

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You know how some artists have a certain thing that they do? More than a style. Like a trademark. For me it could be that I always leave one (or two or three) mistake to my art. Although I'm such a novice with my inking that I don't think people would believe me if I said that the mistakes that I did, for instance leaving couple mountain tops without snow, was deliberately done.

Same thing if I manage to wake up in time, eat breakfast, get on the bus and be at work on time and I would be all proud of it and the people there would look at me and say: "Yeah, but you have no pants on or anything else down there for that matter", and I would answer: "But it's my trademark! One mistake, deliberately done, duh!"

So here's what I did. With a pencil, ink, dip pen, brush and water. And with pants on.


I got a sudden urge to play Carcassonne. Don't know why... Or perhaps a board game in the middle of the night is, even for me, a bit too weird. What was that game, before Clash of clans where you could send explorers and soldiers and miners to do stuff? To find new land, build and fight. And there were monks also. If you didn't want to fight with the enemy you found, you could send monks to turn them to your religion or something. And every time the monks went of to their mission there was this short Gregorian chant that they made. Can't remember the name of the game. But I loved it! SimCity would also do. I'd like to built a town and send aliens and huge robots to destroy it. Was there a dragon option too? I loved SimCity. Hated Sims. Saw no point in it. Don't want to control people. It's more fun to built stuff and then destroy everything when it starts to get boring. People suck, machines rock!



sometimes I just want to be a tree and destroy humanity. Here is the game for the context :

Oh I can't take it! The tree planting pressure!!!

everbody can suc-seed at planting trees (be-dum-tsssss)

My last tree was cut 3920 or something. Perhaps it was 3290. All humans died. But before that, the trees. I'm a bad seeder.

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So catching up on it all this weekend so expect some comments on your story :)

Expect more story tomorrow. :)
I have been drawing, although I'm a bad drawer. The story just comes on it's own... No blood, sweat or tears wasted for that.


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In 3d graphics blemishes add realism so mistakes like leaving some ice caps off or odd houses might help the image, especially for randomization. If I were nitpicky I would say the shoulders did not need the shading because the sun hits it from the top, maybe some shading on half of it bleeding over onto the wing like you did the middle parts then the light is angled and casts those shadows from the bone being above skin. I think they have been oppressing Grandpa which is typical human fashion.

Perhaps the dragons is flying when the sun is setting. :)
But yeah, you're right. Shadowing was hard as this is A5 paper size and the smallest brush I had was too thick. The color started to spread and I decided to color some more trying to correct it and and and... you know. Add some more explanations here. Not feeling it, hate drawing, I'm gonna kill myself. That kind of usual stuff.