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in #inktoberlast year

D: this is why we need communities, I feel like I missed the boat being redirected to the very overrated Discord.


Even though you flagged this post for some reason, here is an upvote. As one of the founders of Creative Coin and curators for OCD, I know that we have supported your work throughout Inktober and being in discord had nothing to do with your work being on display for the event here for Steem Fest. Communities will be a pretty awesome way to bring people closer together on the blockchain though and I hope that you at least take part in those now that they have officially been announced and are somewhat live at the moment.

I am very confused here between flags and downvotes and between if it means I don’t like you or just that this is making my social media experience feel angry and sad, your thoughts?

Also, does this comment relate in any way to the wonderful exhibition you put on?


I will remove the downvote because of the tremendous amount of respect I have for you personally as well as your amazing team. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Thank you so much for the support, as you know, we artists are very sensitive and it goes to say that it would have meant the world to me to be featured. Not that I feel entitled in any way, thank you.

One of the purposes of downvoting/flagging here on the platform is remove or regulate rewards on a post. So every time someone flags, post rewards are removed based on the stake that person holds. I do understand your confusion though about how you could see downvoting as something you would do if you are angry or sad about a post.

Yes It does look like that message sent from @anomadsoul would have been in regards to having a piece of yours showcased during this event.

We will be planning more community engagement projects for the future as we move forward and all of the curators will continue to seek out and reward the amazing work that artists such as yourself are contributing to the blockchain.

Yes, I feel like there is a difference here with what Steemit Inc and others are trying to promote in the community at large. Would you agree? Steem being a social currency, perhaps emotions can be considered to be interchangeable with the currency itself.

It is my humble opinion that it will take time to heal from a situation characterized by mixed signals coming from influential Steemians. No matter, I feel like your views are wise and I will adopt them for the time being because after all, downvoting has a tremendous potential for misunderstandings and clarity is super important when blogging.

I have resteemed this post to support how much value you give to the physical form of art. I can not begin to express the deep admiration I have for this line of thinking which is spiritual as well as old school.

Thank you for trying to find a consensus, no, common ground with a lone wolf such as myself.