Inktober 2019 day 1, Ring

in inktober •  5 months ago  (edited)

Joy! Inktober has come!
How excited I am
To get drawing again.


A man is proposing
But before he gets married
Get rid of the curse he must!
Poor Sadako, still trapped in her well
Clock is ticking, all is not well


Of course
I had to get my students to participate
Of course


It was fun with quick five minute rounds
However, the image of Saturn here took about an hour

This is a tip to draw an ellipse
See where it touches the slanted square?
I drew little circles

Only with the diagonals
Can you see the four sections
And to find the middle of our slanted square

Enjoy everyone, can’t wait to cheer you on!


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Hahaha! I challenged a friend to participate and she did. She said it took her 30 minutes.


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