My Inktober participation

in #inktoberlast year

Hi everyone! :)

I'm very proud of my participation in Inktober challenge and I want to share with you some of my Inktober works always posted thought Steem and Twiter to crossposting my Steem posts.

Most upvoted

Inktober Day 31 - RIPE - 202 upvotes
The rising of ripe thoughts


Inktober Day 30 - CATCH - 147 upvotes
The Fly Revenge


Most Commented

Inktober Day 19 - SLING - 11 comments
Sling of Love


Inktober Day 20 - TREAD - 9 comments
Ocean Tread


Most Rewarded

Inktober Day 11 - SNOW - $27.14
Snowing in Ribeira, Porto, Portugal


Inktober Day 13 - ASH - $6.26
Your night in my cigar ash


All my works are made in my mobile phone ( Huawei P20 Lite), manly with Sony Sketch App for Android and a 1€ capacitive screen touch pen.

Thanks everyone who have voted, commented and contributed for my participation in Inktober 2019.

Special thanks to my friend @tixinhacapitinha who alerted me for the contest 😊 thanks @tixinhacapitinha!

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Thank you! :)

Congratulations on your excellent work! 👏🏻
You are very talented! 😍
(I want a drawing of a Pin-up in my honor) 😁🤣

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Eheheh 😁
Pin-ups só conheço a Betty Boop 💃😆