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The first question I ask you are are you a citizen or a patriot?

Let's start with a pair of definitions:

Here are my definitions
A citizen believes that our government is not special and just needs to be dealt with. They believe it is perfectly ok to manipulate to get their own ends, even if it is done through not obeying the rule of law. Essentially an "anything you can get away with attitude" is ok.

A patriot believes that the United States of America is a Democracy which is by the people for the people. And even though it has warts and problems, it is run under the rule of law. And that the constitution is the cornerstone of the protections and rights of all citizens. And the fair and equitable application of that laws of the land should apply to all citizens. And those that are in government are just representatives and have very special rules that govern their time in office and use of their station.

Now I'm going to go over a little bit about alignment.

For those that have played role playing games you would have 2 stats for a scale about your personality (alignment):
From the D&D Wikipedia:

" alignment is a categorization of the ethical and moral perspective of player ...
a system in which players make two choices for characters. One is the character's views on "law" vs "chaos", the other on "good" vs "evil". The two axes allow for alignments in combination."

In the D & D world you have:

  1. Good to Unaligned to Evil -
  2. Lawful to Neutral to Chaotic

For instance Evil Which Doctor and Reverend are both lawful they follow rules, it's just whether they follow good or evil.
Meanwhile a Demon is chaotic evil while a devil who must have a contract with you to take your soul is lawful evil.
An anarchist does not about good or evil only about chaos.
A Paladin in shining armor who goes on quests to save people is lawful good.
A majority of people fall on the lawful side because they live in communities

(from Time To Chuck Alignment | Mike's D&D Blog)

So now you might be saying how does this affect politics......

I would put forth that there are essentially 2 factors that control you political alignment.
The first is Your Citizen to Patriot level
The second is your ideology which shows what way you will go with your associations

Here's the thing it does not matter what way you fall on the political spectrum conservative to liberal. If you have a person or group that are fungible on the overall view point and just care about heir particular viewpoint to get ahead. It becomes extremely difficult to deal with them because they essential deep down don't care unless it affects them immediately.

The second problem is that if they have a believe that everyone else believes their way and is trying to get ahead. They will never trust anyone else with a different view point. And, will vilify others with similar view points that do not fall in lockstep with them.

Trump followers for the most part are citizens who lean toward the identity politics pushed by autocrats.

The Republican Representatives are afraid of being primaries and are in the back pocket of dark money. So they will push more fake drummed up conspiracy theories of the president which have been debunked by all ours and foreign intelligence professionals. This has the affect of reinforcing lies propagated by Russian propaganda to support Trump in the upcoming election.

A majority of the US Electorate understand how subversive this is to our democracy. But, because of the alignment of the Trump base and leverage that Trump base has over the Republican congressmen, simple truth does not get pushed by those who were duelly sworn in to protect: the constitution and the United Stated of America, from adversities foreign and domestic.

So now let's take a look at Trump followers they have vilified conservatives who have said "Never Trump".

If they can't respect people in their own party, How in god's green earth can an independent or moderate get through to them?

Here it is:
Don't engage and just say the truth again and again.

Trump and his staff held up money and weapons FOR MONTHS and a meeting which was given by a bipartisan congress to our Ukrainian Ally to fight Russian aggression. Unless the Ukrainian President went on CNN and said they wee investigating the Bindens (which they were not). This was a quid pro quo, using a government funds for political purposes. On top of it being a lie and a foreign power is not allowed to be solicited into our private elections.

12 witnesses showed this and no amount of diatribes and grandstanding by the rebulican's can affect that truth.

It was all summed up by Dr. Hill yesterday! She is our foremost authority related to Russia (a republican in service to this country for 30 years)

M suggestion contact your senator and tell them they need to impeach based on the facts. And you will support them.



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What do you think about the ways to judge someones political belief system vs.
the old left to right classification?

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