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Trump mopped the floor with Biden last night. Unfortunately, republicans need to get out and vote in full force else Biden, whose behind the family court star chamber, will win. If you grew up without your father due to the family courts, Joe Biden is the driving force for your paternal alienation as he threatened fathers decades of prison for speaking to their kids. There are those of us who said no to these family courts, only to undergo the torture and humiliation of a red guard-and even for the father's who did wish their kids happy birthday, even after admitting that they were wrong for being attatched to their kids, would be disappeared for years. The destruction of the family unit is part of the communist manifesto (ch 2), and VAWA which achieves it is a localization of what has been passed at the UN and the OAS.

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About a week ago I posted a video in Chinese that had been circulating on youtube, it spoke of three hard drives. For whatever reason we have only seen one. The information that it on it is one of the largest political scandals of out time, but the media regressed back into their "Russia Russia Russia" narrative even though the director of national security said there was no foreign influence. A Delaware repair shop gave the laptop to the FBI last year, and the emails that are on it has been collaborated with Biden's business partners-including a CEO of their own firm.

source:Donald Trump. pay attention to the questions at the end, all the questions the media asked was who paid for Joe Biden's former CEO his travel to give his speech.

If it were an opinion piece that it was all Russia that would be fine, if the media simply said they wanted more definitive answers this close to an election that would be ok as well as long as they investigated it. There are claims that on the laptop is s3x tapes including p3do videos whom the media spins as "underage obsessions" (albeit the first time that choice of words was used may have been a Chanel Rion of OANN) , and unfortunately this alleged illegal content reportedly prevented all the contents from being dumped outright. So even though Biden declares he'll make us all wear a mask and put us into a shut down, remember that the Biden patriarch can't stop his son from smoking crack or watching CP. Adults have already made up their minds, right or wrong, about covid19. You can either treat them as freedom loving adults as Trump has done, or in a Joe Biden's world you lock them up in the disease ridden jails or fine them where in some states jury trials have been postponed due to covid19. So let us revisit Biden's family court star chamber. Whether or not a parent wears a mask is being used to make custody decisions. Will you be facing a 10 year felony if you crack open the door to your business, or go somewhere and forgot your mask. If you think I am kidding, in the language of many of your stalking and harassment statutes just causing a person a reasonable fear for their safety or causing emotional distress in violation of a court order is enough for a 5-15 year prison sentence depending on the state. No one presses joe Biden for details, all he offers is propaganda and stiff prison sentences including schemes to lock up black men for decades and putting over 100k police officers on the streets. . more cops didn't make the streets safer, they are shooting black people more and police departments need to extort more money from the people. And for some 30 years, the response from the black communist has been to loot and burn down cities. . The tradition of burning buildings and looting goes back further without the police having to sacrifice a black person first; it seemingly originating in poor people looking to harm local merchants-thus insuring no one wants to invest in their communities. . A human sacrifice is an excuse to engage in something the communist in the hood thinks is a right, some justifying it as the insurance companies will pay for the damages. In their frenzy more than 40 people have been killed this year, and we have a second and third wave of covid19 killing thousands more people-all with the media cheering it on saying racism is worse than covid19 and blaming Trump for these extra waves. I can see why these hoodlums endorse Biden, they just need to proffer a human sacrifice and all their material prayers are instantly answers-it's like Christmas to them. When people start saying st. Floyd whom no one can criticize, we should remember that history is full of sacrificial Gods and more notably sacrificial God Kings. Religion isn't the opiate of the masses, it is the meth or Crack cocaine to their destructive zealotry that just falls short of the early Muslim warlords against the pagan Bedouins, the people of Susa, and the Byzantines. When 80% of lawyers are democrats, and most high judges and prosecutors are lawyers, when the police historically belonged to unions, it is clear that democrats were playing both sides of the racial coin. Although I don't justify the police and the lawyer classes, for the whole religion to exist that coin was needed. The police have seemingly got somewhat wise to this knowing qualified immunity from civil suits wasn't enough to stave decisions from the court of public opinion nor from vigilante justice; And they dumped the democrats; but haven't ceased their tactics so the cycle continues. Had it not been for rioting and looting, when the police defected to the republican party the democrats could have made huge gains-but their cult blew it. The rioting and looting turned people who would be right to sympathize with black lives matters into fearing that the mob would be destroying their cities and homes too and turned to Mr. "law and order". Mr. "Law and order" when team Biden has been bailing out rioters and murderers who are destroying the cities to cause more destruction to try to make Trump look worse which didn't happen. When Joe Biden gets his red flag laws or outright gun bans, I don't the the latest incarnation of the "law and order crowd" will be saying that for long if Biden wins. It is likely there will be full scale war.

The media tried to spin it with the "fiery but peaceful protest" cnn bump, but they were met with ridicule. But, such propaganda wasn't unheard of 50 years ago.

Money certainly is nice and has a lot of public benefit, but if you are convinced that you need money to survive it is clouding a delusion that you are a prisoner ensnared with a failure to thrive without depending upon others. it is a trap I would dare say ensnares over 99% of us. Cities too are a benefit once created by men who strove to achieve great things, that gave people opportunities to escape the wilderness for money so they they could have arguably a better living under a feudalist structure after existing household parcels were exhausted. But if the population growth of a city exceeds what it can produce, a downwards spiral of rot and decay begins once socialism and communism takes foot to try to take care of the unproductive members [and ultimately the land lords, and grocery retailers] making it more and more difficult for innovators to make a profit or to risk making ventures. In a way what may be going on in some cities may be the equivalence of a centuries ole debate of what to do with the slaves recognizing that slavery is evil, but it is immoral to set free a population who may not have a common tongue, who may not know the laws of the land, who doesn't own property, and may not know what in nature may be consumed either for food or for medicine. The government still has an answer in the so-called school to prison gateway with labor camps at the end; Outside of the civil war, long after the Atlantic slave trade ended in America when presumably the slaves were better adapted to America and its culture, the answer has never truly been to free a people from the captivity of business or the government. The political answer is keep them enslaved and keep throwing money at them and their progeny and ignorant of the term liberty from the stono rebellion. Even trump is no different in his recent reparations effort by offering free money to economically develop said communities.

Which gets us to the core of the article finally. Big tech has eviscerated multiple industries which in a way is liberating; You no longer need anything more than an internet connection to read a book, a newspaper, listen to an audio book or music, or watch a movie. People used to have shelves full of cd's, dvds, vhs tapes with each format costing $5-20 each, or video games up to $50 each. Maybe not all of todays practices are legal, but it isn't like the American entertainment industry as a whole has produced anything great since the 1990s. The same is not true for other sectors like Japanese entertainment, but big tech is trying to censor them as well. Japan has it's own censorship issues, with some anime reportedly so graphic [gore] that 70% of the screen has be be redacted. Porting anime to U.S. markets tend to already include replacing guns ("Yugioh", whose first manga issue has references to adult material too) and cigarettes ("one piece") or replacing religious symbols or cusses ("full metal alchemist", "inuyasha"). But big tech is after Japan for not confirming to their standards else they will not be available on streaming platforms, and it isn't that nasty h stuff that they are banning (including p___hub banning it according to clownfish tv). Could be a race of dark elves, could be a final fantasy vii esper, could be a slave collar in rise of the sheild hero (which also starts with a false rape accusation). Even vocaloid Hatsune Miku toys aren't safe from the purge of amazon because she is 16. Disney destroyed marvel with SJW comics, star wars. cartoon network is ending a lot of projects including ending the venture brothers. Star trek, like star wars, was destroyed by jar jar Abrams and now discovery and lower decks-Picard is going to heck, the mandalorean is a mess now too. Star wats itself was so bad Disney had to ret con the last 3 movies. The only projects being approved now much be SJW approved, and needless to say I, like most people, don't watch TV or read American comics. SJW tv is nothing new, women always used to watch life time network all the time. Family described it perfectly, "life time: Television for idiots". But the SJJW movement is capturing everything now, tv is so unbearable now people have switched to youtube. Not surprisingly with Disney having destroyed nerd culture, the youths today do not want to grow up to be astronauts or investors-they want to be youtube [or tiktok] stars. And you too can be a youtube/tiktok star by broadcasting yourself licking a toilet seat to sell a single. Chinese youths are the ones wanting to be the astronauts, Americans might eat a turdburger for online clout someday.

Now there are good youtube channels for learning. King of Random when Grant was still alive, cody's lab, nile red, primative technology, and I am sure many others. So the SJWs destroyed what styx called the legacy media moving people to youtube, then the sjws swarmed to youtube and demonetizing and censoring all the people who built youtube up to force the legacy media back on their customers. You see users having to be careful not to say trigger words to keep monetization, you see speakers babble endlessly with nonsense now just to keep their video at 15 minutes or more for the youtube algorithm-wasting more of the audiences time. clownfish tv has the potential to be a "good" video channel channel in terms of topic and research, but they babble way to much. Maybe I do too here. There are strong efforts to centralize everything-which isn't necessarily bad. But as applied here, it is becoming a nightmare.

Media companies have been bleeding money. Record Artist who could perform a song listened to by millions could be instant millionaires back in the day despite the so-called greedy record companies, now they see pennies of that today. They need centralization for marketing, but unless they can get on a live tour there is little profit incentive to produce great works. The 1990's was truly a golden era in terms of music and in cartoons, there has been good songs since then but the rewards today are literally a slap in the face. . Just the copyright fines cost over 100x more than Pharrel made from his song happy. if one were to violate the copy right of pharrel's work, one might have to ask who is really being harmed. Even the RIAA stopped suing people who pirated music in 2008, seemingly when myspace, facebook, and youtube captured that market and about 5 years after apple started selling music downloads. An effort to push social media control of the music industry to the tech giants,

The American media is bleeding money. Their investigative reporting gets shared on facebook and others for free. Few people buy newspapers these days, and it is bad for the environment if they do. Some hide beyond paywalls that can be bypassed through an f12 trick by deleting the paywall div tags because they refuse to hire a skilled programmer, others rely heavily on on internet ads even succumbing to click bait tactics. I was the target of click bait a long time ago, but rather than sue or send a cease and desist that could escalate the matter I stayed silent. The company soon went out of business, had I sued they would have got more hits and more revenues but I would have spent thousands of dollars getting a blood out of a turnip. The click bait firm was associated with gawker, so it's not fully gone as much as I would like it to be. That's just part of their games; have a poor shell media company make a false accusation who can't really be sued for damages, then pick up up by a larger firm knowing liability for libelous pieces falls onto the original company. The media companies are very parasitic. In many ways, they have engaged in the same looting and pillaging as those in the ghettos in the 70s. Their jobs, their livelihood, their existence depends upon the acquisition of money. They cannot exist without it, they haven't taken steps to try to escape their own prison. Many have purged their own comment section, because users comments are enough to cause the social media Gods to take away a firm's monetization. How dare a small person call out the media for their fake news. When people tell them learn to code, they get Jack to censor them on twitter. if they were capable enough to code, they would have gone to college for that in the first place. They sought instead to destroy as many people as they could keeping them from the benefit of society. Instead of either adapting to market changes or learning about freedom which I think many of their victims have learned, we have to vicariously confront that nightmare for them for a continuous injury.

In the end there are about 4-5 super powers in the world, 4-5 regimes that are very destructive. They include the United states whom the media and academia tells everyone to hate, it includes China which is more akin to us being delegated slave owners each time we buy from china. Facebook, twitter, and google are superpowers inside the USA making it difficult to live in the United states unless we confirm to their ideas. The latter three wouldn't hire American coders even if the journalist were to learn to code. Americans and their individualism are bad, they need a workforce who must engage in illegal and unethical acts that no true blue American would permit. So they give American jobs to foreigners to undermine our own sovereignty and deny us our citizen rights in their call to be the global sovereigns.

Nerd culture in the USA is destroyed, they are banning any remnants of it too. Google is in our classroom keeping tabs on your students. They know your students grades, if there is atypical grading, they might know the IEPs, they know their emails and their essays. Your future work profile may begin when you are in kindergarten now and they can measure both your work merit and your conformity. Just as I was tracked by a kid into the sciences, they probably are putting youths onto certain tracks also. They can pace students however they like, and like academia for the last 50+ years it is no doubt an education to depend upon them and technology instead of freedom and doing. if you screw up as a kid, for whatever reason, even if it is a bullied kid who fought back and got in trouble, your social credit score will follow you for life. Hell I stood up for myself against the Joe Biden family courts, was then falsely charged and beat the charge, and I still faced discrimination. The AI bots really don't care if the police made a false arrest, the police attached a flag for your permanent employment record to be discriminated against for life. There is no due process, it is your private sector social credit score. Black America and others people has every right to be upset about police harassment (regardless of the question of systemic racism), and they need to go after the firms that are making employment decisions.

China and the big socials want America to lose. It is quite possible that despite the balance sheets that big tech is losing money also, save for china. I been saying for years, and America realized during covid19, America has no real manufacturing skills left, we outsourced them to china under Biden. We were left with low skill jobs, financial type jobs, and engineering jobs, service jobs that require greater skills like carpentry. The engineering jobs are being replaced by foreign workers, and our best minds end up with an 85% underemployment rate while Biden tells us not to worry with minimum wage job prospects and x0000 student loan debt. Finance type jobs can't produce new things per se, and low skill jobs are often mindless. The ones building are not the engineers per se. When democrats intend to ban guns, they acknowledge Americans are too stupid to do metal working. When Joe Biden plans to ban oil (say he meant gasoline) which is only one part of a larger refining process, that would require a prohibition on other petroleum products like plastics and even heating oil. Easy money through youtube seems to be the quick answer, or for women certain other naughty sites where they show off their products for mass produced pieces of paper or virtualization thereof. And when Joe Biden spoke that he wanted to ban Fracking [which he wrongly denied saying in last nights debate], his son was an executive in a company engaged in fracking. Fracking is Good for the Biden criminal syndicate, but not Good for America. Manufacturing jobs are good for China, but bad for America. Everything is bad for America according to Biden, except, perhaps, free abortions for all. As China rightfully called it, America is engaged in the genocide of white people.

Wealth is a blessing, but the love of money is the root of all evil. Free money ultimately from superpowers other than the USA, all you have to do is say or expose the right things and reach the right audiences. Say the wrong thing, and you will be forbidden to buy or sell. What we learned about the Bidens was the patriarch was allowing his position to be sold with the benefits going to his brothers and kids. The Joe Biden cut was half, and that half is likely stored in a hidden account somewhere. It included business deals with billions, some with a 1 million dollar bonus prior to signing, and 10 million after. Trade partners have been told never to mention Joe in an email in fear it could take him down, that they had to talk to joe directly. Ukranian money, money from Khazakstan, money from the Russian mafia. His emails have been verified as true, his travels have corresponded to secret service logs. And speaking of secret service logs, do you think the secret service didn't know these things. I mean, Joe would go skinny dipping in front of the female agents. How could the secret service not know, and how could they not be complicit in the sell out of national security.

Since it implicates "the big guy", this is a very big story. One may think there might exist one main stream media outlet who would at least investigate the matter, even if they think it is election propaganda it would at least be worthy of investigating. But again his CP collection has been written off as "underage obession". Lesley Stahl said the laptop couldn't be verified. The media has been spinning a Russia narrative. NPR released a press statement saying they didn't want to waste their readers time with it.


Facebook restricted users access to the story, twitter is still banning the new York post for posting the article. Both facebook and twitter executives have staff members that's been working with top democrats or otherwise on the Biden Harris staff. see . See also . Twitter banning people saying it was hacked information that released peoples personal data (emails). It wasn't hacked, and twitter never banned anyone for posting the Steele dossier nor Trump's taxes. As a publisher the social media giants have substantial flexibility, but as we seen from Justin Sun they can say one thing and do another and attempt to justify it and expect people to just accept their claim by declaration without thinking about it. We live in an era of big tech, if not chinese, state media and propaganda. There are further dealings that implicates Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and others in Chinese deals under the TPP which was designed to kill more US jobs, Trump killed the TPP.


source:Tim Pool

The democrats are selling this country out, they are enriching themselves, they are enriching their families (just check how many of these alternative sentencing programs are operated by relatives of judges, its nothing new). As China is buying us up, Land will be king. The future feudal lords will the the progeny of the Chinese and their pawns today. Their pawns include the democrats and the media establishment. I don't mean the individual reporters, I am sure Lesley Stahl lives comfortably after all her years of service. However, Trump was more than correct, she discredited herself. There is something out there that she valued more than her own life achievements. All her years of work she just sacrificed to advance a political agenda, she is but a cog in a machine.

-Open source; the white house.

What is the nature of the machine she does her bidding for. Where does her loyalties lie. Maybe that personalized answer isn't too important, when that same toxin is ubiquitous throughout the industry. It is quite possible that Hunter and Joe Biden's dealing are an open secret, that all the media knew what was going on and likely in on the game too albeit likely removed from Hunter. As Lebron James was saying, we don't know the harm we are doing by criticizing China, It is quite possible that we are already bankrupt as a nation kept alive by a thread, but not yet ready to be conquored, by a foreign hostile entity. And I dare say that so-called peaceful transition is already taking place. It is not a peaceful transition when you lock people up for speech and try to starve them to death, as is already happened under Biden policies.

China is already buying up our media companies, they are inserting Chinese propaganda into our films. If Chine orders someone to shut up about a topic, a person not only shuts up but they apologize for what they say. Players get banned from games, the NBA will not permit certain speech. We also observe that the topic of Hunter Biden is off limits, and it doesn't matter how many young underage girls Hunter Biden [allegedly] rapes they will still declare him a virgin. Why would netflix, a company heavily owned by the DNC establishment, release "Cuties'-a film that has resulted in CP charges filed. The left has been trying to normalize pedos for quite some time, but could they have possible been trying to test the waters or dilute the shock should the contents of the Hunter Biden drive be released.

the third drive, which hasn't been released, concerns the Chinese bioweapon plan. I suppose it could be too technical or speculative to digest before the election, it is one thing to understand the basic science-it is something else to try to understand say all the protein data and what all these strange symbols mean in the hard biological sciences. The second drive concerning Xi's US investments may may require the disclosure of the first drive to be disclosed first to comprehend-and certainly it will be amusing to see the extent of the Chinese control over American media outlets. If it discloses president Xi's US holdings which I think will be quite damning in how we and our progeny are being bled dry for the CCP.

The biggest fault on the trump campaign was that the drive wasn't released earlier. Bannon was holding onto it since September, if not earlier. Because of Covid19, early voting may ultimately damn the election. Effectively the people may be selling out this country to the Chinese with thundersous applause.

-Star wars, the clone wars
Anakin was correct about the Jedi, but palpatine was evil.

Islam didn't have to scream death to America, our democrats sold us and our progeny out to China-and will continue to do so.


This story appeared on my google news feed, ironically. NY Post re[ports that facebook is hiring Chinese censors and getting them h1-B visas. Of course, you know our government can't say no. They'll have hearings and will ultimately do nothing but whine and dine.

Some of you may be aware of a video, but worse is reportedly on its way.
Information about what is on the first hard drive is circulating from Chinese dissidents-the text and some photos are trickling into telegram. No one in the media is picking it up, well the gateway pundit did mention that video some of you know about and got suspended from twitter.

The Chinese dissidents have posted images claiming to have Paul Pelosi abusing a Chinese girl who is seen in bandages cutting a cake or jelly roll-the photo was reportedly obtained from Hunter's laptop. I'd post it, but then I saw where his hand was-full of some type of paper-like product like gauze, tissue paper, or paper towels over a nono area. These Chinese dissident media is planning to blur victim faces and body parts and show a video of hunter biden destroying/torturing a 10 year old girl-I don't think that even with blurring that could escape American CP laws if true. Just the text is extremely graphic so I won't post it here; the text alone would get a nsfw tag.



source:gnews about 3:08 in this video