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I've often stated, and even written on one or to occasions, the following: if Bernie Sanders manages to become the Democratic nominee by winning in the primaries, the hardest part is done, because winning against Trump in the general elections will be easy peasy...

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I write today's post to say I'm not so sure anymore. It's never wise actually to make predictions about the outcome of elections, but this time I really thought it safe; how could ANYONE lose against this compulsive liar and racist? But seeing another lying racist racist rise in the polls, another billionaire to boot, makes me wonder... Why do people willingly vote against their own interests? I mean, if you're poor or working class and still vote Republican, you're voting against yourself, there's just no two ways about that. Sure, voting Democrat is essentially the same thing; that's why in any other year I'd advise working class and poor people to not vote at all. But this year there's a clear alternative, this year there's someone you can vote for without betraying yourself and your peers: Bernie Sanders.

Even if your goal is just to get Trump out of the White House, just to restore some of America's standing and image among the international community, Sanders is the only one who has a chance to accomplish that; poll after poll shows that he scores best in head-to-head competitions against Trump. And I rally thought that would be an easy victory; surely no one in their right mind would choose Trump over someone who's been fighting for the common man and woman for over 30 years... Well, today's videos show just how wrong I may be in thinking that. The first one spells out what Trump really wants for the common working class people; he wants them to vote for him so he can betray them for a second time. His 2020 budget proposal cuts EVERY safety-net program in existence, from medicaid to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),from public education to public housing; he gives the people a proverbial middle finger, and gives even more money to the very rich and the military. Trump is not your friend and believes in socialism for the rich.

Trump's Monstrous Budget Proves He's No Populist

No way he could still be popular among the electorate, right? Unfortunately that's not the case, as the second video shows. The Republicans are having primary elections of their own, which Trump will win as historically a sitting president never loses, so that's a given. But in the New Hampshire primary his campaign managed to turn out more voters than ever before in history! People are supporting him in record numbers! And after the whole impeachment fiasco his approval rating is at an all-time high as well. That's troubling to say the least; I am not able to get inside the mindset that would support this poor excuse for a human being, I just can't. It's clear to me though that none of the Democratic hopefuls stand a chance against this lying demagogue in the general elections, none bar Sanders. And now I think even Sanders will have a hard time matching Trump's ability to turn out voters; a massive and unprecedented voter-turnout is the only way to defeat him. So don't give up and make Sanders the Democratic nominee!

Scary Proof Trump Won't Be Easy To Beat In 2020

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Even if your goal is just to get Trump out of the White House, just to restore some of America's standing and image among the international community, Sanders is the only one who has a chance to accomplish that;

You Bernie Bros are beyond delusional.

You're not saying anything. Make your point, and try to stay withing the realm of factual reality.

Comrades suffering from bloated Amygdalae and Trump derangement syndrome.
Personally I don’t think that Trump is any better than any of the other clowns that were put in the White House before or after him but, boy can’t I wait to see him get re-elected and all these delusional Democrats losing their shit and having the reality check that they so badly need/deserve. 😂

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That's sad. You're sad, and that's putting it mildly. Given a choice between socialism and fascism, you choose the latter, even to just "teach those Democrats a lesson"; thanks for making that clear.

Socialism is fascism. Government is slavery.

Wait... Trump is a socialist? ;-)