Bernie Won!

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Democrats need to vote for a republican to defeat Trump. That's MSNBC's conclusion here. Is it possible that the mainstream media have completely lost their minds? It sure looks like it.

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MSNBC is supposed to represent the progressive wing in the traditional media; they effectively act as a propaganda channel for the Democratic party establishment, much like Fox News plays that role for the Republicans. Yet MSNBC is on a regular war-path against the only progressive candidate in the field, and progressive YouTube anchor Krystal Ball receives a warm welcome at Fox and given a platform to promote the Sanders campaign; up is down and down is up. Or is it..? In my humble opinion all this is just another sign of the awakening class consciousness that pits the working class against the elite, slowly replacing the propagandistic divide that pits progressives against conservatives.

SHOCK: Krystal Ball CONVERTS Fox News Host Tucker Carlson ?

Now that Bernie effectively won the first two rounds (he also won Iowa, no matter how the corporate media spins it), it's becoming more and more difficult to control the narrative; they're desperate and it's showing. The first thing they do is declaring New Hampshire a victory for... Amy Klobuchar. She did over-perform, finishing third with twice as much votes that either Warren or Biden managed to get, so there is a story there. But the main story is of course that a democratic socialist has won the first two rounds by popular vote in the most capitalistic country in the world! Second, they will once again declare Pete Buttigieg as a winner of sorts because he only lost by two percentage points. Note that both Klobuchar and Buttigieg have almost no support at all among people of color, and that the first two states are 90% white; they both have no realistic path forward to become the nominee, according to every poll ever published at least. They still refuse to acknowledge the fact that Bernie Sanders, a self described socialist, is the current front-runner.

Bloomberg presided over the infamous "stop and frisk" policy as mayor of New York. He endorsed Bush and still supports the war in Iraq. He stopped a raise of the minimum wage in New York as mayor. The only reason he's even in this race is his wealth; he spent hundreds of millions of his own dollars to flood the airwaves with ads. Bloomberg is in fact a "Republican-light." Trump won as a wealthy Republican, and it looks like the people at MSNBC think that the Democrats need their own wealthy Republican to beat Trump as they're increasingly touting Bloomberg as the one to stop Sanders. Really, if Democratic voters really believe they need a billionaire who buys his way into the race, I hate to say it, but then they deserve four more years of Trump, which they'll get if they make Bloomberg their candidate.

Krystal Ball dismantles media's outrageous coverage of Bernie's win

This madness won't stop I'm afraid; the establishment class will stop at nothing to prevent Bernie from becoming the nominee. On one occasion last night MSNBC anchors were discussing the possibility of a brokered convention if Bernie has a plurality of state delegates, but not a majority of more than 50%. Under normal circumstances that would automatically make Bernie the nominee: the one who gets most votes and delegates wins. But the MSNBC anchors were openly and unashamedly discussing how the Democratic party would stop that from happening, how they would deny the will of the people... To those of you who want the change Obama and Trump failed to deliver on, the ones who believe regular working people deserve more than they're currently getting, all who believe healthcare is a human right and not a privilege, and believe that students shouldn't start their professional lifes with a crushing debt; there's a long uphill battle ahead, so don't let down!

MSNBC: We NEED Mike Bloomberg To Beat Bernie Sanders

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I’m sad Yang is out of the race but now he’s gone it’s all Bernie baby!

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Believe it or not, but I'm also sad he's out of the race. If Bernie wins, I can easily see a place for Yang in his government.

This is a serious question. Do you really think a democratic socialist winning an election in the capital of capitalism?
I don't have anything against Sanders. Just want your opinion.

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Do I think Bernie can win? Only if people turn out to vote in large enough numbers; he's fighting both political parties here. The DNC doesn't want a Bernie presidency; they'd even prefer another term for Trump over Bernie. It'll be an uphill battle all the way, but this is the first chance in decades that the people have a real choice.

It's it the party or the DNC supporters. Am curious because again I have read some policies from him and while they do sound tempting it still a stark difference to American psyche. He also states his policies are mainstream bit how mainstream since he is trying to go against the very American intolerance towards socialism.
Plus it's very clear he is targeting the young voters from the speeches I've listened to after reading this article of yours. Heck even Andrew Yang pulled out and his ideas are very popular.
It's like swimming against an ocean current.
Not sure about what you say about real choice since that's what politics is about. Elections meaning choice

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Maybe you should study finance and Economics, than you can have an informed political opinion.

So finance and economics is political science?

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Never said anything remotely close


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I think one of the biggest issues in the DNC right now (besides that whole shitstorm in Iowa) is lack of cohesion and unity. While Trump sucks it out of his followers through intimidation and fear, he is absolutely correct in noting that Democrats are splintered and unorganized. There is not enough agreement and way too much infighting, and I believe you have nailed it on the head by saying that Bernie threatens their old school cronyism that taps into finances, same as Trump. Bernie may or may not have the support to beat Trump, but he is the candidate that offers a clear way forward vs maintaining the status quo.

Aren't status quos maintained by career politicians? Who are so good at appearing to be one thing while being totally part of the clique.

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