Get Ready for the Invasion of the Body ~~Snatcher’s~~ Hackers

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Less than a year ago, if one would have said that the whole world would be locked down because of a virus, that there would be 40% unemployment, that supply chains would be shut down, that all of America and the world would be caught up in riots and that the only thing that would bring us all back to normal is a “vaccine” you’d be labeled a lunatic conspiracy theorist. Well, welcome to conspiracy fact.

Many of us alive in the world right now know that something isn’t right but have a hard time describing just what it is and of course everybody comes up with a different answer. The most pertinent answer unfortunately is that there is a very powerful and very small group of evil people calling the shots in the world. The proof is in how quickly the narrative in the media has changed and how quickly people were made to comply with the lockdown. A decentralized population could only comply inefficiently and would be disorganized in response.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 12.16.11 PM.png

The old leadership model of political accountability is long gone. The frontman is the elite version of decentralization. In the same way that bitcoin has no central office and nobody in charge to go after, the frontman acts as a decoy allowing lack of accountability in politics to flourish while an unelected body of influencers has nearly complete control of all government institutions through corporate hierarchies. The bait and switch has become the modus operandi of all legal entities that wear labels that can be swapped at a moment’s notice leaving populations bewildered as to why change never happens.

In order to not raise opposition, long term goals are pursued incrementally in a very granular manner. When opposition arises, several techniques are used such as labeling someone a conspiracy theorist while backing off on the plan temporarily until the political climate settles into a zeitgeist more favorable to the agenda. Sometimes they inoculate their agenda by deliberately seeding false news hoping conspiracy theorists pounce on the story only to be discredited later, then reemerge with the real agenda that can no longer be attacked under the crying wolf perception. We have just such a situation with sundisease coming.

Eugenics Agenda on the Rise (again)

After WWII, the rulers of the world learned some important lessons about perception. One was that the Darwinesque natural selection agenda must not be pursued openly (Hitler was the result). The idea that those with superior genes have the right to rule must not be stated, but demonstrated in a way that proves their superiority by ruling in such a way that the subjects are not even aware that they are ruled or who rules over them.

One would never guess that a seemingly innocuous story of a pedophile hanged strangled in a jail cell last summer would have anything to do with this agenda, but because of all the high profile politicians and royalty implicated, the story has been obscured. This was because Jeffrey Epstein was not just a pedophile, but interested in eugenics and wanted to pass his superior genes to as many women (many underage to preserve genetic purity) as possible.

This agenda also intersects Planned Parenthood (founded by the Rockefeller Foundation) of which Bill Gates, Sr. was a board member of. Bill Gates III, has been speaking about population control for more than a decade. So just what was Gate’s III interest in what Epstein was doing? We don’t know and he isn’t talking. After first lying about knowing Epstein, he then said “meeting him was a mistake”.

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 1.20.04 AM.png

Population Control isn’t just about Reduction

I first got wind of these ideas when I encountered Kevin Mugur Galalae talking about the depopulation agenda on Facebook in 2012, but population reduction isn’t the only agenda. Just as Auschwitz had programs for sparing certain Jews who could perform certain tasks well (meeting minimum genetic requirements to be allowed to exist), the future depopulation of the world will work the same way. Just as the medical wing was important to the goals of Nazi Germany, the current pandemic will seek to recreate Dr. Mengele without alerting medical professionals as to the true nature of their work. This will be accomplished by “need to know” hierarchies. This agenda is seen as justified under the initiative for sustainable development and climate change.

First the Pharmaceutical lobby had to work on the legal structure for vaccines. Vaccine injury tort was a major financial obstacle in the past, but to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it’s no longer an issue. After relentless lobbying, the vaccine industry now has legal immunity so that vaccine injury can no longer realistically put it out of business. A very high standard now has to be proved in a special “vaccine” court. In the near term, I expect a Sars-Cov2 vaccine to be successful because failure at an early stage would alert the public and cause blowback to future plans which involve such technologies as immunity passports via florescent RFID tattoos delivering antigen via microneedle patch.

In the lead up to this tragedy, the financial system is showing signs of collapse and to some extent on purpose. Since 2008 (and the introduction of bitcoin), the collapse has been known to be only a matter of time. The lack of banking for the undeveloped world has been part of the same problem as with vaccinations: the lack of a uniform identity system. The marriage of medicine to identification (currently being practiced by contract tracing) is a ruse designed to keep the population from realizing that this is the resurrection of the German Stazi as a technocracy.

The earliest iteration of this marriage between medicine and identity and by extension government control will not implement many of the technical biomechanisms until later. The first goal is to get a vaccine program in place with an ID system that will allow movement or restriction based upon the status of the immunity passport.

In late 2017, the legal restriction on gain of function studies on viruses has been lifted. Gain of function is research done by medical researchers in order to make a virus more deadly. Yes you read that right. The excuse given is usually that "if we don't do it someone with evil intent will, so let us do it because... well just trust us". Rumors still abound that sundisease originated from the level 4 bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China as a result of either an oopsie or deliberate release. In either case, this action constitutes a crime against humanity that will of course not be addressed, well because, "black lives matter".

Making matters worse, these viruses actually have patents which means that they are owned by corporations. Genetic modification of plants (GMO's) have been around for decades. Now the technology will be introduced into human DNA and will also be corporately owned. To what extent will this affect your freedom to choose what you want to do with your life? What if your bodily actions violate the conditions of a patented gene in your body?

Meanwhile, the Gates Foundation has been quietly pressuring the UN biodiversity panel to suppress a moratorium on gene drives. Gene drives are the practice of taking dominant mRNA splices and introducing them into the general population. Successive generations all come to possess the gene which overrides recessive traits. In mosquitoes this has been done to cause fertility issues causing mosquito populations to die off.

It appears that just as Bill Gates dealt with computer viruses as a model for forced updates to the Windows operating system, he recognized that human viruses could be used as a means for forced updates to the human operating system through mRNA that can take IoT signals from the nanotech in your bloodstream.

The long term agenda known as transhumanism seeks to merge man and machine with AI which could easily be interpreted as being assimilated by the Borg. In such a future, your body could be invaded by hackers, quite literally.

The Chinese are already using genetic engineering to rebuild the Chinese society from the ground up with superhuman capabilities.

The potential for misuse of these technologies are on the level of triggering an extinction level event, but we're not allowed to question any of this. Some of us are quite aware and sounding the alarm:

@anonymint wrote:

Another reason Gates and Soros would not want a vaccine ready by January 2021 in addition the political reason I provided before of forcing Trump to become desperate next flu season and possibly beg for MANDATORY vaccine, is that they know damn well that many of us are going to resist a vaccine with lethal force. They need this to reach a cresendo by 2022 with a majority of the population blaming the anti-vaxxers and those who are protesting against contact tracing for the resurgence of the flu in 2022 (which will really be due to destroying herd immunity with the social distancing)...

On a personal note, one of the reasons why I left astrology behind (at least for now) is because in the future (if cypherpunks are unsuccessful) we will all be Aquarians captured in the 8th house of the world. The field will no longer have the vocabulary to describe the world we are headed into. There will be no "self realization", no "self improvement" (outside of genetic manipulation), no career goals and certainly no career peaks, no romantic life and no children outside of a test tube. Decumbiture charts will be a matter of blockchain ordered mRNA self destruction by IoT. Birth will happen in space without any discernible ascendant because as a cyborg you might as well have no helm.

Your home will be a VR terminal hooked into a coffin muscle stimulator while corporations mine cryptocurrency using body activity data.

In the future, humans will be owned by machines unless those of us with skills in IT can do something about it. Our only chance is by exiting into a decentralized monetary system with bitcoin and other crypto's that will bleed the existing banking system enough so that these evil plans don't have enough funding to go forward. Street protests have no teeth without doing this.



This is a remarkably prescient post, which I have hoped more of would be published on Hive. Gates owns a patent on a coronavirus fragment which is fundamental to vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, and will be incorporated into human DNA by those vaccinated. Almost no one grasps that the 13th Amendment did not simply criminalize slavery, but allowed states to enslave civilians through criminal prosecution.

When faced with the fact of incorporation into human DNA of Bill Gates patented property, the courts will be forced to expand the exception created in the 13th Amendment to acknowledge that Bill Gates has a proprietary interest in those persons whose DNA contains his property. Monsanto created a precedent for this legal decision by seizing the property of farmers whose crops were deliberately pollinated by Monsanto with their patented organisms.

Human sovereignty will only exist for those that can either pay what Gates demands for his property, or who have not incorporated that DNA into themselves by refusing to be vaccinated. Since the vaccine is certain to be mandatory and has been announced by Trump will be distributed by US military forces to all Americans, it is likely that almost all Americans will become the slaves of Bill Gates after the SCOTUS rules.

This is an ongoing crime against humanity. Sovereignty is not property. It cannot be purchased or sold. It is a feature of human beings created by their existence. Slavery is not lawful and the fact that it is lawful under the rulings of SCOTUS today simply proves that US laws are not just, and will further destroy free society as planned through the discussed mechanism.

If you are human, you will only remain human if you defend your freedom. Slaves are not human, and do not have rights. Property is not sovereign.

Plan accordingly.


One of the best comments I've ever read on the internet. I hadn't quite considered the full ramifications of the rabbit hole I went into, but you expanded that in a very perspicuous direction. Thanks!

Lizards + Chipheads are the biggest threat to humanity.

We are headed into some next level Ghost In The Shell shit for sure. They've already admitted they can interrogate people by reading their thoughts. The Matrix somehow gets more relevant every year.

We're gonna need more than tokens. We need food, medicine, general goods of every kind. Aquaponics, 3d printers for multiple materials, CRISPR, all running off AI. The code may be the most important aspect of this toolset, since development is proceeding on all other fronts. The least developed aspect of automating decentralized production that I see is code.

It is inestimably important to consider security beyond code and guns. There are many means of preventing meatbags from invading your personal space, which keeps them from using guns and force.

We also need to secure our persons from covert injections, in order to prevent the hellish prospect of Bill Gates altering our DNA to his liking. While I am confident he is intent on turning us into proles without human rights, I am sure I cannot even imagine the despolation such psychopaths intend us. Absolute physical security of our bodies is existentially necessary to prevent mosquitos or fleas black bagging us with gene drives.

It is impossible to imagine a future in which we retain our humanity if Bill Gates either attains the force of government to compel us to be injected with his nanodevices and DNA altering code, or uses altered parasites to infect us undetectably with covert payloads.

It's also time to throw some rope over lamp posts. This shit has already gone too far. If we don't stop it now, it's gonna be open war across the West soon. I am not eager to see China allied with the Western governments that have forced their populations into open rebellion, and that's what I see developing.

Great stuff as always.

We are certainly heading to the technicopia (sp) you described. It is likely we see some major countries topple in the next 3-5 years. In that vacuum, mega tech companies will step in.

It is amazing how so many miss what is taking place. The arrogance of those who are in control is astounding. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

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