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RE: Agenda 2030 Culture Wars Part Two Conclusion: Mass Mind Kontrol & Engineering The Breakdown Of The Social Order

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I am in awe of your writing. Your mind is so nimble and yet deeply powerful, that I feel club-footed and dull faced with your thoughts. I am certain I have but little grasp of the meat and potatoes of this post, yet have savored the ephemeral flavors with which it is spiced.

Imma prolly need to reread it more than a few times before I reckon I have a substantial enough grasp of it's most salient points to comment cogently, beyond expressing here the admiration of your craft I do.



Thank you my friend .. we each have a part to play in this world, and your intent, work and observations are as valid as anything I or anyone else can relay. Thank you so much for all the support, remaining focused can be a lonely journey, but when I come up for air and share my posts, comments like yours give me the inspiration to keep moving forward. Thanks again!