Memewar ideas, bringing it back because memes are needed now more than ever

in #informationwar4 months ago

Idea for these are basically that POC people are aborted at a much higher rate than whites. Why is that, because Reps and Dems offshore high paying jobs which adversely affects POC more. POC feel desperate to abort their baby because they unable to afford having one, but they can't afford to have a baby due to Reps and Dems bad policies. Other countries that benefit from the job exports are growing and having big families, we used to have that here.

Reps and Dems support abortion and uphold abortion laws largely as a uni-party(near unanimous support, most vote to approve usually). Systemic racism, to take the left's phrase, is actually built into this system. Will be making more memes with this general idea in mind and will edit this post.



The inspiration for getting back into memes was these three.

Memes like this make a big impact and make you think.