Informationwar Useful Resource Links


The goal of this post is to build a large list of helpful resources that we can all use, and that will be routinely updated with new additions! Really appreciate everyone's help in finding more links to add, so please comment below :)


What are we looking for??!?!?

For example, recently @blackliberal made a guide on markdown to help us with our formatting

Awhile back @dwinblood made a post detailing what video sites to upload to that will keep your videos long term

Informationwar Resources

Tools for the Informationwar

Important Informationwar Posts From Members

Friends Of Informationwar And Projects We Like!

Understanding Steemit/Steemit Resources

More to follow, just getting started!


a website that shows your account feed ! is perfect to know what is the activity of your account!


I just thought I'd mention and Also Steemsupply is a useful app to track your Steemit performance, as is Steemworld.

Also recommend that folks consider posting full content instead of mere links to information that might be scrubbed from the net. I've seen some information disappear of late, and I'm not alone. Once information is archived here, 'they' can't scrub it from Steem!



Thank you for this. I am going to start creating some separate posts to better track this stuff.

Tools for the Informationwar will be its own post, which will then have a link in this master post :)


@truthforce - Btw, your Discord invite is dead. (at least for me)


Sorry about that! Discord did an update not toolong ago.

Try this one!


@truthforce - thanks for that.

Did you change the links on your 2 pages?

So whenever Discord does an update it screws things up?

I'm still very new to it.

I find it hard to find things on there.


Yeah discord messed it up.

The post you are commenting on now is 3 months old by the way ;)

Occasionally we have to make new posts on steemit to update stuff, after 7 days you can't edit a steemit post anymore so we can't replace broken links in old posts.

I will make an updated post sometime today on the @informationwar account :)


@truthforce - Oops, I forgot you can't edit past 7 days.

The problem is, how can people find the new post when an old post is obsolete?

Or would they even know to look : )

Thanks : )