I will continually ask @a Andrew Torba(Gab owner) to stop using or accepting Bitcoin until he stops.

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I will continually ask @a Andrew Torba to stop using or accepting Bitcoin until he stops. Everyone please share this post and direct his attention to it!

""" @a Please use Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin. Bitcoin was taken over by Bilderberg backed AXA Venture 5 years ago. Bitcoin Cash forked off of Bitcoin to be more decentralized and not have the NWO bankers control it. You can do a search on AXA Venture Blockstream and find it or check out my post on it https://hive.blog/informationwar/@truthforce/reminder-bitcoin-devs-are-bilderberg-owned-for-5-years-big-banking """


Why pick gab out for this?
I am highly suspicious about Bitcoin and would like to hear more about the bilderberg connection

Also, I see you are pretty active here. Have you been on other social media helping get the word out about Hive or do podcasts ever?

Myself and 2 others in the IW crew do a podcast and upload videos of stuff. Would you want to come on and chat sometime?

Yikes - I'm mainly into pictures rather than speaking!

Apart from Hive, I pretty much only use Gab these days because it's properly uncensored and full of funny pictures

With Steemit starting in 2016 and now with Hive, I've always mentioned it to people, and in the last boom in 2017 heaps joined up. But they left in the crash of 2018. If Hive keeps going up, the moment it goes over $1 I think people will get interested fast.

So I'm not panicking, just waiting, been through this cycle before!

Hehe no problem :)

I got 80 Gabs so far. Trying to do like 20 to 40 a day for awhile. I am just leaving top level comments so I get visibility and followers. Still can't post anything on twitter, they won't let me because they think I am a bot....

I started using Gab and there are a lot of people flowing into it. It has at the very least millions of users per day currently and will continue to grow. He only has 3 ways of paying for things over there, it's mailing a check, Bitcoin, or virtual check. Check out my recent Bitcoin post from 6 days ago, it has links to a reddit post from years ago that has a bunch of links.

xmr bitches, or zcash, or xlm, or what ever you want, bcash is the true intend...