I am now on twitter and destroying liars

in #informationwar5 months ago

If you enjoy things like this, give me a follow and like my stuff! I'm done sitting around and only posting on Hive and expecting normies to randomly show up here. I'm battling now, come join me.





What a stupid whore.


We have been kicking ass on Twitter. Welcome aboard. Feel free to check out the HivePosh community.

you fight on their terrain... go to weibo / wechat / telegram / vk, what ever you want, but on their battlefield, they have the edge... laws of war 101... who educated you? a goat?

who educated you? a goat?

The irony. Your idiotic display of non-strategy is what Goats do. You think Lindsay and her fans will see ReclaimerofLight's message/question, on weibo/telegram? Who educated you, a Gnat?

Yes go run away to your corner where no-one will see you. THAT will definitely get a message out to the zombies......keep telling yourself that, Agent dipshit.

This battle is everywhere. Limiting yourself to a limited hangout echo chamber is idiotic and asinine, gnat boy.

even goats are smarter :).