Terry Crews Hints at BLM's Ulterior Motives on CNN

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Just yesterday, I was saying to a buddy that what society needs right now, is for influential black and white celebrities or politicians, to promote unity and de-escalation of racial tensions. Little did I know about Terry Crews' recent appearance on CNN, and his interview with divisive Don Lemon.

On the fourth of July, Terry had posted the above text to his social media account. When you read the tweet, it is 100% uniting and truthful. He acknowledges two simple facts and promotes unity, and demonstrates his determination to stay resolved and rooted in common sense.

However, what we soon find out is that Don Lemon finds this tweet very controversial. His exact words are; "Terry, man.., you stepped in it. You say you are willing to die on this hill. You've taken a lot of heat for this, explain what you were thinking and why it's so important that you die on this hill?"

VIDEO: YouTube.com/user/CNN/videos

Lemon tries to argue with Crews that BLM is not about all black lives, which in this case is coded language for; it's not about black on black violence, and that the movement is solely focused on police violence against blacks. That's when Crews steps in to correct him and says that's not the sole focus of the organization.

To speak further to the above, I recently saw a video that comically demonstrates this point. I use the word comically tentatively because it's also an extremely serious issue. BLM shows in its choice of language that it's a Marxist organization with some radical and disturbing agendas.

VIDEO: YouTube.com/channel/UCTD7FIfKEND5zuTNLwl2P9A/videos

If you want to know what BLM is all about, I would strongly encourage you to go to the website and read into what the organization believes. I'm sure that you will find their agenda extends way beyond police violence, and into some territory that you may not be familiar with. Aside from their website, this superb video by the Truth Cat digs deeply into the topic!

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I love the Truth Cat ;) Will watch that video...
Keep on exposing BLM! Good job.

Hey thanks, @luca1777. I appreciate the reblog!
The Truth Cat, I agree, she really is awesomesauce!

You're welcome. Yes,she is! I watched it yesterday evening
and shared it on Twitter :p