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I see how it can be a murky area, especially if you aim to communicate with many. Unfortunately, HIVE is set up in such a way where "might makes right." Many times you're at the mercy of what people can do with their social influence or stake. So, the best advice I can suggest is to try and explain these things to hivewatchers before any blacklistings happen. If they want to regulate your behavior on the chain, then perhaps the onus is on them to tell you exactly what they expect and how they make their determinations of what is spam and what is not. Not saying you should have to cow to their whims, but once you find out what their deal with you is, if they are overstepping in their imaginary powers, then perhaps you can shine a light on that in your posting.


My plan is to modify my behavior. I will try not to repeat messages to stop the bots from detecting too much repetition. So, I try to add random words and spell things wrongs when I write to make sureeeeeee it is unique. And some bots in the past would get me for too much repetition in a comment even if the rest of the comment is totally brand new and unique. For example, I would make up a message to a new user, Hello Turtle Red, I love piano too, random things, but then would copy and paste the end, beginning, or center of my comment would be my name, and I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, or something like that, my name, something about me, often times it would be just my name, Joey or Oatmeal, but the bots would get me on that as that was repeated phrasing even as the rest of the comment was different. Since 2017, there have been different people and different bots that would run into me and would go after me or put me on real blacklists or alleged blacklists at other times and would confront me and these things came and went I think. Some of them, like a guy named Jordan for example, changed their views about me and thought I was spam and then realized I was trying to help the tadpoles, the minnows, the newbies on what was Steem at that time. Jordan also said I was retarded and he was basically trying to tell people to cut me some slack on the rules as I was mentally challenged from his perspective or so that is what he wrote and he made sure he didn't tag me in comment somewhere where he was telling people about me and he wrote that he didn't tag me because he didn't want me to see what he was writing about me. But I was able to find it. But regardless, I think he helped that one time, I think that was 2019, to get off that particular blacklist. He understood that I was an exception to the rule and I became a challenge for the bot programmers. The challenge was to stop spammers and not Oatmealers or people like me. I have the freedom to say that I'm not spam. But that doesn't mean I am or am not spam. But at the same time, people have the freedom to say that I am spam even if I'm not. And I understand all of that. But I write about this to let people know what is happening. But me talking about this is not going to magically make spam-killing bots disappear over night. And I am not totally against the idea of having bots that cleans things up. But at the same time, I'm aware of the dangers that bots can have.

I hear you man, and wish you the best on
your endeavor to dodge them pesky bots!
Hopefully, it all works out in the end. Many
a folk on HIVE are reasonable people. So,
if you run into a problem, I'm sure that
some sort of dialogue is a possibility.