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Today we will start with a story about a not-black, white-guy who wants black people to tear down statues of white-Jesus because white-Jesus is not black just like him. This man's name is Shaun King, and he was the darling of the Black Lives Matter movement, that is until it was revealed that he culturally and racially misrepresented himself as a black male.


This caused him to lose just a little bit of popularity, but he is by no means "canceled" or ejected from the game like Rachel Dolezal was. With 1.1 million Twitter followers and an untold number of retweets, Shaun King is still a very influential person and quite the rabble-rouser at that. I've never seen such a blatant display of incitement to destroy property by someone who likes to bask in the MSM's spotlight as much as he.

At first glance, it might seem that his tweet is a spur of the moment one, but I have a feeling it was carefully worded by a team of lawyers who know exactly how far he can push it.

And more shocking news from Black Lives Matter is the revelation that the majority of the group's founders are trained Marxists! Marxist theory, because it only works in theory, ☭☭☭

☭☭☭ paints a rosy picture to the working class, of a primrose path, even though its final destination is a morbid symphony of destruction. In the video below, Jordan Peterson speaks a bit to the allure of Marxism and highlights the atrocious dangers that the ideology poses to society at large.


To add to the kakofonie of madness, as if he was punking us all—Ashton Kutcher has an important lesson about why black lives matter, and that's because his son is less important than his daughter.


I want to say that I don't know what is happening or where things are going, but that wouldn't be true. We are living in the early times of a new cultural revolution. However, this one is made of AstroTurf and is both fomented and carried out by weak individuals whose courage lack their conviction. These individuals haven't stuck their dicks in the hornets' nest yet, but they're about to, and when they do, hilarity will ensue. Let us hope for their sake—they'll know when to leave well enough alone.

UPDATE: In Regards to Freer' Markets vs. ☭ Central Planning ☭

To add further context, this author is acutely aware that both communism and capitalism as represented today, are not pure forms of themselves, and are flawed systems. However, capitalism allows for a freer' market than the communistic or socialistic systems do.

It is the intelligent nature of the freer' market organisms that we take for granted. These markets allow everyday people to succeed in both life and their respective businesses because prices are set based on billions of decisions that both people and corporations make in their self-interest.

Some people see self-interest decision making as selfish, and therefore immoral. However, to the majority of corporations and people, self-interested decision making is a survival trait. It is the sum consensus of all of these billions of decisions, that crowd wisdom and competition have to offer, which causes and allows the market to set prices intelligently.

When these decisions are removed from the hands of the people and placed in the care of over-bloated bureaucratic collectivism, the market fails rapidly, and the people learn to miss what they never knew they had in the first place. They might not know what is missing and why, but they can feel it because of a system that's collapsing all around them.

What I described above is the knowledge problem that both communistic and socialistic regimes ultimately end up having to contend with. People want these fair systems to work so badly they can practically taste it. And because of the fiat money system they can work for a very short time.

However, when they eventually fail, and they do. People will have a new sense of entitlement bestowed upon them. They want their "free stuff," and they're willing to do almost anything to get the broken system to work again.

The bureaucrats will start to see certain peoples as "useless eaters," and if they can eliminate some of them, perhaps they can get the failed system to run on fumes just a little bit longer.

After all, the last thing they want to do is concede that their livelihood is rooted in a flawed system. To learn more about the knowledge problem, or why communism, socialism, and marxism is doomed to fail, please click here and here and here and here. Those four videos should be enough to help the info gel permanently in a readily comprehendible way.

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These individuals haven't stuck their dicks in the hornets' nest yet, but they're about to, and when they do, hilarity will ensue. Let us hope for their sake—they'll know when to leave well enough alone.

Violence is coming, a wave unlike those pushing hard against everything suspect. I however don't see any hilarity in any of this. Just as a growing number of innocent white people are being terrorized right now, the backlash will involve innocent black people. Some of whom are family to me.

Only the masters of the farm gain from any of this. While I'm tired of the oppression narrative as though we are all part of it, I also know that there are innocents on ALL sides for whats coming. I support the foundations of Western civ, much of which was built by people who had no slaves. Comprised of a vast majority who had no slaves. Having said that, if some angry mob from the white side of this comes for my family on the other side, they will find that grey area where I WILL oppose them.

There are very rough areas ahead, uncomfortable conversations I worry can't be had. Obviously destroying white culture (as diverse as that is) is off the table. Seems to me part of the answer will reside in relocating those who feel oppressed to the countries of their origins so they can feel safer to blossom in a way they apparently can't right now. I also am not opposed to the small minority of families who created wealth from slavery being held to the fire of reparations. Of course, this would require knowing what POC came here after the protested form of it ended so they wouldn't defray from the legitimate victims share.

But as I said earlier, those who want nothing but revenge on all things and people white, they need shown the door and fast to end their campaigns of terror and they can feel more secure segregated as they demand is the only cure.

I agree it's technically not hilarious at all. It's more of a tragically stupid comedy. The logic of all the intersectional groups and stuff confounds me. I mean, in many cases one cannot think about it with any degree of seriousness, because once you've seen one of them jump the final shark. As if out of nowhere, more sharks appear, and the next starving artist to replace the last guy/gal/zal outdoes the previous stunt to the nth degree. If the party on the right is the king of memes, then the leftists are the queens of slapstick absurdity.

what in the absolute fuck did I just watch from ashton kutcher lol

Because black lives don’t matter at all to some, they must matter more than us for those of us to whom they do matter - you know, to balance out the equation I guess! Thanks for ‘educating’ us Ashton, on why all lives really don’t matter equally!

Poor kid, is all I got to say...

Oh my, you nailed it, and also you somehow
distilled it down to two sentences. Awesome!

I tried to comprehend, but then a little bit of brain juice started to leak out of my left ear, so I stopped. I think it was a flashback to "ladies first," because Mila said so. And even though that's sexist AF, he's not gonna sleep on the couch tonight for trying to treat his son equally (thought bubble: "beside's he'll probably forgive me later,") therefore black lives matter? Poor kid gonna grow up knowing that "ekwality" ain't fair. Anywho, that's where I stopped trying to figure it out and learned to love the CHAZ. Let them eat cake and play dodgeball until they're blue in the face. If they run out of food, let them use their system of hierarchy to figure out which ones will sacrifice themselves for the "greater good."