Is the Murder of George Floyd Distracting U.S. From a Racist Eugenic Culling Operation?

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The real racist killings in America which are getting swept under the rug is an organized eugenics culling op that's shielding itself behind the incompetence of residents that are "just following orders." If you test COVID positive at one of these innercity death facilities, they have a mighty strong incentive to ventilate you.

Whistleblower, Erin Marie Olszewski, exposes this COVID conspiracy!

The odds of surviving this treatment at the hands of those given incorrect or no instruction at all is slim to none. We're talking about dumpsters full of corpses, bodies whose lungs were mutilated via planned iatrogenesis.

What other reason would residents get instructed to set incorrect peep rates, or be allowed to operate machines they're not qualified for? They call it practicing medicine for a reason, some of these people, institutions, and facilities are toying with your life at best. At worse, this is a diabolical culling operation.

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Downloaded this video earlier before it begins getting taken down. Haven't watched it yet though. Another confirmation that my distrust of the medical community is justified.

Having said that, the time for a discussion on the violence doled out by police should have been strong years ago. The growing number of laws passed with no victims increasing the odds of interaction with them is frightening. Virtually all of us are criminals and could be in his shoes if the police decide its your turn.

I keep seeing a growing number of articles talking about the kind of man George Floyd was, as though that somehow excuses what that murderous piece of shit did to him. He was in custody. No need to kill him. Especially over a fake bill. One he probably was unaware was fake to begin with. I say this as the only part I am at odds with on your post is the opening line that insinuates his death wasn't a real racial death. People can say what they want, but I'm pretty sure if I was in his shoes the reaction would have been different, with the cop explaining to me he knew it sucked that I was out the money. Pretty sure I wouldn't have had his knee on my neck choking me out long past the point I had died.

The violence dealers of the corrupt masters goes over the top, and there are plenty of videos showing it happen on YouTube. People framed and beaten and killed. The judicial system and its profit centers, the prison system is jacked as most are there for victimless crimes. There for doing things the government does on a much larger scale. And it does focus much of its hammer on the inner city communities.

Oh, I agree that what happened to George Floyd was very real, awful, and terrible. But I can't help but wonder due to the blatant nature of the way they killed him if it was done intentionally. If the cop took orders to murder someone on video and did so using a police tactic that might ensure that he won't be convicted. It seems far-fetched, but the organization of everything that followed makes me a bit suspicious.

Update: As far as the opening line is concerned, I cannot be certain that the four cops, two of them non-white, who helped to perpetuate the murder did so because of racism. Also, the employment history of both Floyd and Chauvin's overlapped. This suggests that they both worked in the same club at the same time, for an unknown number of months or perhaps even years. A lot of things about this are strange. I'm not sure the narrative that it was strictly racism is going to satisfy my questions about what took place and why.

I definitely believe the murderer knew he was killing him. Not so quick to buy into the conspiracy theories circulating. They did work together briefly, with the murderer having worked that club for around 17 years it had been open, George having worked there for part of one year.

I'm more prone to believing that the murderer saw George hitting up on lots of white women with some success, which possibly fueled a racist anger in him. Based on appearances it seems logical to conclude that George fit the stereotype of a black man who had little respect for rules which, given how many police react when questioned on their often unconstitutional reach in many random encounters daily, would likely have fueled whatever racial hatred the murderer would have held.

I do believe the cop murdered him willfully, believe as well the cop believed that he could do so and get away with it. Happens to often in this country. All one has to do is look to YouTube for video evidence. While I don't believe not having police is the answer, there is a strong message here (and so many other cases) for there to be an accountability not only for their actions, but their masters who daily pass more laws making more of us criminals for violations that has no victim. Sadly, if George was given a counterfeit bill that he unknowingly tried to use, he was murdered despite already being the victim with the bill in question.

I understand the reluctance to rush to racism as the answer. As a person who shares the color of the murderer, it gets old being looked at suspiciously by others due to the color of my skin. I can't imagine how much harder it is to know when you walk out your door people given the authority to murder are doing the same towards me. Having been exposed to cops openly talking around me as a child, I know firsthand that many of them are doing just that though. There needs to be a discussion on many things in this nation, an honest one. One that addresses

  • The wrongly named justice system that daily looks for more ways to label one a criminal.

  • The worlds largest prison system that does target non white people more. Qualifying this to say in no way am I saying there isn't a bunch of white people also who are incarcerated who shouldn't be. Just not in near the same numbers.

  • The melting pot. Can it work or will there always just be to many people in each cultural/racial group pissed off stirring the anger and to some form being mini-terrorists.

  • Is We The People only for white people? Certainly one can see the original framers of the founding documents believed so or slavery wouldn't have been a thing, nor such actions as manifest destiny.

  • Internally, white people need to come to grips with the truths on what such actions as slavery and empire building has had on non whites. I'm not referring to reparations as such, although I'm open to the idea that the powerful families who profited immensely from these schemes should perhaps need to give their wealth to those they brutalized to gain or expand it. It's ignorant to pretend that these actions have had no lasting damage to the groups impacted, and shrugging and saying I or my family didn't do it minimizes what these affected groups went through and are going through. Perhaps there is no way of truly making the wounds heal, undoing the damage. This would go back to the honest question of can the melting pot work. But I know if these aren't addressed with more than a shrug (and without the political pandering pretending to examine it) there will be no peace.

Done with my response that turned into a rant. My frustrations at all of this is beyond exasperated, and I appreciate your openness to dialogue. I have known many fine people of targeted races, and have some that are very close in a family sense. It is a struggle knowing that there are indeed many who hate them through no fault of their own, as it also is a burden knowing others from their racial groupings view me with distrust and perhaps hatred as well. We need to figure out how we can come together and hold those responsible for amplifying the differences and exploiting all of us accountable or this melting pot will devolve into a bloody mess.

Thanks for sharing your ideas! There are additional factors at play too. I have a couple of new videos that show that a lot of the reaction was heavily financed and pre-orchestrated. As far as racism is concerned, I think a lot of this goes back to redlining and how that effected neighborhoods over many decades. It has a cascading effect that morphs into a feedback loop of crime and violence in both the black and blue community.

For 17 years George Floyd and that cop had been co-workers at a private nightclub. It is impossible Floyd's death did not in part stem from that prior relationship, and I consider it highly likely to be why the cop kneeled on his neck for almost ten minutes instead of cuffing and stuffing him in the back of the cop car.

It is unknown to what degree racism may have informed that personal and professional prior relationship, but I doubt it has a damn thing to do with it. I suspect drugs, money, and corruption are the core basis for the murder.

Cops working security at nightclubs are notoriously availed constant and lucrative opportunities to facilitate black markets. Presently no one with any inside information has much ability to shed light on that career, because they could only testify to what they knew of it through their involvement, which starts out as misprision of a felony, and only gets worse from there.

Who has any incentive to dig into that narrative? No one presently involved. This is why you, apparently, were unaware of it.

Who has any incentive to dig into that narrative? No one presently involved. This is why you, apparently, were unaware of it.

It appears I may know more about this than yourself. When you say

For 17 years George Floyd and that cop had been co-workers at a private nightclub.

you are incorrect. While the murderer had indeed worked there for 17 years, George had worked there less than one year. We will disagree on our speculations. I suspect what I wrote here on this post (linking instead of rewriting it).

Regardless, what was recorded was murder. Something that happens (along with false convictions, convictions for victimless crimes, convictions for doing what the government itself is doing, etc) far to much.

I appreciate the correction. I am always glad to learn when I am wrong, because only then do I have the opportunity to be right.

I have now read the comment to which you linked, and note that you correctly point out we just don't know what their prior relationship might have contributed to the murder.

I also observe we both speculate differently regarding the matter due to our different experiential background. In my childhood I learned that cops murdered people for their drugs, and then sold those drugs with impunity. You learned that cops discussed their prejudice against minorities, and our speculations are mirrored by our experiences.

We certainly do agree regarding murder.

I wonder if you have ever heard of the Slavs? They were named 'slavs' because they were so often captured and enslaved, often by POC. Perhaps reparations would not be a one way street. Most of the Blacks enslaved were not enslaved by the owners of plantations in the USA, but by their Black enemies in Africa. Most of the slave trade that sold them in America was run by Jews.

The records are still extant, and you can do that research if you care to.

Finally, a comparison of the conditions enjoyed by those Americans freed from slavery by the bloody Civil War here in the US with that of their native states will probably reveal they are far better off economically in the USA today than are their African relatives. Were reparations based on economic injury, as tort actions are, they might be surprised at owing instead of being owed reparations.

Food for thought.

There are so many mechanisms of oppression stemming from this narrative I am actually overwhelmed. Forced testing, forced quarantine, taking kids from families, forced vaccination, forced UBI, destruction of the interpersonal relationships dependent on personal contact that produces free society, on and on. The feeling I got when watching the insanity of the Chinese oppression of their people back in January distinctly mirrors that I experienced when watching the Twin Towers destroyed in '01.

Mere eugenics and a population cull does not encompass the totality of the destruction of free society being implemented through this vector. Not only the quantity of free people will be dramatically altered, but the very idea of free people and the quality of life potential will transform. The concept of free people will no longer exist IMHO, replaced by the gods and their serfs/dependents.

That for the fortunate few that survive the coming decade.

I see BLM as another Antifa, a mercenary group of agitators that are used as a core around which to grow a mass of useful cannon fodder to attack the very basis of free society, and funded by the same mechanisms, activated at the same times, and controlled by the same overlords. Certainly insuperable fascism and racism exist which should be opposed by free, rational people, but neither Antifa nor BLM are actually purposed to do so.

Like so many modern political efforts, they absolutely project on those they attack their own nature and actions, and in fact Antifa is utterly fascist in their acts, and BLM utterly racist. I had a discussion with someone that earnestly opposes fascism and racism regarding recent protests, and was left sadly noting the truth of Twain's aphorism regarding fools, being fooled, and learning the truth. It is indeed far easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled.

I, like the old of every generation, have made those same mistakes in my youth. I have heard rhetoric I could not fault, and joined those political endeavors employing duplicity to my eventual great chagrin. Too many never do succeed to chagrin, and remain subject to their misunderstanding their live's long. I am hardly more blessed than I am by regret, shame, and the humility necessary to gain either boon.

The young must evolve their grasp through their own chasms of misunderstanding, eventually to gain either the ability to lament their gullibility, or simply remain the useful idiots overlords wield like weapons.


"Mere eugenics and a population cull does not encompass the totality of the destruction of free society being implemented through this vector."

I agree. I think there are a lot of intersecting agendas at play that will ultimately end up enriching so many different corporate entities and institutions. A large part of it will be the simple act of buying the dip on stocks that are predestined to survive the onslaught. Awesome comment, thanks!

not only the u.s. ^^