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Heads up dear reader, there are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Homeland. That said, if you do not wish to view spoilers, now is a good time to stop reading. I'm serious, don't scroll down any further.

In the latest episode of Homeland, you see the after-effects of Saul Berenson's successful peace negotiations with the Taliban. I found this to be curious, because just a day or two prior, similar news presented itself outside of the box and in the real world. The mainstream media talking heads announced a peace accord struck with the Taliban, which is supposed to end the 19-year occupation in short order.

In the episode, President Ralph Warner personally flew to Afghanistan to rally and congratulate the troops. After his visit, a reoccurring character who was temporarily stationed in Afghanistan is faced with the decision to stay with his new war buddies for the lengthy drawdown of forces, or exit stage left with the President via helicopter. In what appears to be emotions tugging away at his heartstrings, he decides to stay.

The helicopter takes off with the Commander and Chief in tow as they head towards their next destination. The President is on his way to meet with the Taliban leader without whom none of this would be possible. However, much to the horror and dismay of virtually everyone involved, the helicopter goes off the radar. At the end of the episode, search helicopters and crew frantically survey the wooded mountain area with thermal imaging devices to try and find a sign of the downed chopper.

Finally, they come upon wreckage. A scorched helicopter and Rogue Taliban soldiers are spotted scurrying about among the trees below. They're ordered to hold their fire in attempts to keep true to the new peace accord, but as soon as they spot the RPG, both U.S. forces in the air and the Taliban on the ground trade fire. The screen goes black with many more rounds of gunfire that follow into the credits.

So why might you ask, am I writing about this? Well, it's quite simple, this script is so closely associated with real-world events; It depicts an apparent assassination of a U.S. President who is on his way to meet with the Taliban shortly after a successful peace deal. If you would—watch the video below. Trump finds himself in almost the same circumstances. Peace is allegedly achieved. There will be a troop drawdown, plus he's scheduled to meet with the Taliban.

Trump to Meet with Taliban: YouTube.com/user/FoxNewsChannel

Unless Trump knows what the hell is going on with the scriptwriters at Homeland, If I were he, this is one trip I'd take a hard pass on.

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Thank you kindly, Frank Bacon!
Thx for plugging the book too,
looks like an interesting read!

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