Demystifying Excited Delirium

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Okay, folks, let's nip this topic in the bud. We all know what it means to be excited. When a person is excited, it means they are enthusiastic. Hold that in your mind for a hot second, before you change the dial. The next word is delirium, and that's derived from delirious. When an individual is delirious, it means they're all fucked up. They talk like they're crazy, and their shit is all retarded.

With excited delirium, what we're talking about is enthusiastic people that are acting retarded. You know, farting in bathtubs and laughing their ass off. Or rolling around in the street while on fire and begging for the tooth fairy to save them from the rodents of unusual size. The main thrust that I'm getting at is that if someone is both excited and delirious, that's just high tech medical talk for batshit crazy.

The Lawyers and unions of Police will have you believe that batshit crazy is a cause of death. They want you to think that electrocution devices are normal and that just so long as the person is wearing a badge, as a means of pain compliance, it's okay for them to electrocute you. It is never okay for anyone to electrocute anybody!

If you do electrocute people or stop the oxygen from reaching someone's brain, like what happened to George Floyd, those actions will cause a person to become not only excited but also delirious! It may even cause them to have a heart attack. The point is, it's simple to draw a line from cause to effect. If it were a regular Joe Shmoe civilian that strangled George Floyd to death, his ass would've already gotten convicted and thrown under the jail.

However, in this situation, it was cops that did it. Let me paint a picture for you; imagine if cops used knives in place of tasers. Instead of using excited delirium to get off the hook, they'd blame the victim of their crime for having extremely low blood pressure, which of course, had nothing to do with the artery they nicked while making the arrest. Stop believing your lying eyes, and learn to trust the police, they love you!

When the various police unions stop defending crooked cops who commit murder, brutalize, and steal from people. That, in and of itself, will go a long way into making the profession look far more respectable. However, the more that cops get away with murder, the more it tarnishes the image of police nationwide.

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I note that a synonym for excited delerium is hysteria, for which a cure has long been marketed. Fortunately police effecting 19th Century police tactics aren't undertaking 19th Century cures for hysteria. Although, some folks would probably prefer it to being choked to death or electrocuted.

LOL, you Sir, may have just invented a new genre of porn.
Delirious Miss encounters Fuzz Lightyear: Hysterical Paroximity