BLM NY Wants $333k For Every Black American and Then Some or Else They'll Burn it All Down!

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First things first, let's address my headline and the maths used. This is a rough estimate based on Black Lives Matter Greater New York's demands and Google's estimated population of black Americans.


According to the snippet below, the target demographic is 42 million. And seeing as how 42 is "the answer to life the universe and everything," this is the number of people that 14 trillion dollars in reparations are to go to according to the good folks at BLM|NY. Don't worry—I've crunched the numbers so that you don't have to, that's $333,333 per black American.

Now, I must say that with an open mind and an open heart, I did go through and read all of BLM|NY's demands, and there were quite a few of them, many of which made perfect sense to me. And there is that age-old adage by Frederick Douglass that says that "Power concedes nothing without a demand." There is another saying that: "might doesn't make right," but, that was coined by a 'white' guy called Tim, and if his life doesn't matter, I'm not sure it even counts in this scenario.

So, moving along, the one white man's opinion who does matter in this instance is the president of these united States of America. In a recent tweet, he went on to paraphrase the President of BLM|NY's below statement to Fox news.

Suffice it to say that Trump was highly displeased with the terroristic nature of the threat, which he characterized as treason, sedition, and insurrection. So yeah, as you can see, this is starting to escalate quickly, and it seems fortunate for Hawk Newsome that Fox news allowed him the opportunity to half-ass back-peddle on his threat to the largest military superpower on the planet. But is it enough to get him out of the legal hot water that he so foolishly waded into? Inquiring minds want to know.

Until we find out what happens, I'd like to air out some of my suspicions and questions into the matter. Some of you may or may not remember Millineal Millie Weaver's exclusive 2-year investigation into the SJW terrorist cult called the Sunrise Movement. And in her first installment into this investigation, it is revealed that AOC is a spokesperson for this divide and conquer brainwashing operation.

AOC (aka Alexandria Occasional-Cortex), was presented as the sponsoring representative and cheerleader for the Green New Deal. It was a ridiculous piece of legislation that would not only have the U.S. rebuild all the buildings and stuff in the name of wasteful spending, but also impose a gigantic carbon tax to boot. It's a quaint little bill that would starve the third world off the face of the planet in the name of "addressing inequality."

Well, "it just so happens" that BLM|NY also has a demand that the Green New Deal for public housing gets passed. I'm not sure if that means: pass the entire green new deal, so the public housing element gets passed, or just the public housing element. One thing I cannot help but wonder is; Why didn't BLM|NY simply approach Kim Kardashian with their list of requests and omit the threats entirely? Recent history shows a proven track record that this tactic is highly effective on President Trump. I think it's that badonkadonk, but that's just one running theory of many.

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I don't think they can keep from burning it down, and I think giving them anything will just give them more ability to destroy everything. I don't owe anyone any reparations, and I think they think I do. We're gonna have to agree to disagree on that, I reckon.

The final thing I'm gonna point out I don't think is that I don't think they're gonna burn down anything where Democrats aren't in charge. I'm not even sure I do think that's particularly problematic, since I suspect the Democrats straight up support this. Fair do then.

I have the same opinion anytime someone starts talking about population control. I'm fine with it, as long as they start by offing themselves.

They never do though. Always pointing at other people to start genociding. At least BLM is burning down their own powerbase.


"I don't owe anyone any reparations, and I
think they think I do."

I agree. There are some demands in the list that
seem reasonable, that was not one of them."

"I don't think they're gonna burn down any-
thing where Democrats aren't in charge."

Good observation. Yes, police in certain areas
are liable to stop this kind of thing in it's tracks,
and it seems like other areas are prime for the
organized LARPing activities they're engaged in.

"I have the same opinion anytime someone starts
talking about population control. I'm fine with it,
as long as they start by offing themselves."

Exactly, the Bill Gates of this world need to start
to lead by example and then wait on the down low.
And I mean way down low (6ft), to see if it gets trendy.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts @valued-customer!

Good stuff bud. I'd say if anything even close to these ideas come to pass the $ will crash faster than Disney's stock price. Perhaps that is part of the plan, if so the people receiving the money will feel screwed again and who knows how bad things will get then. I feel some of this has to be coming from our country's enemies war dep at this point

Hey bud, good to hear from and see you again!

You're too good a friend to just walk away from, sorry about that I very much much to fix a few things in my life before I could treat you as well as you deserve though.

We're all just everyday people bro!