Most Modern Portmanteaus are Retarded, Stahp!

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Let's start with incel and why that's a stupid word combo. Men think about sex every 7 seconds or so, said some study. This means that every 7 seconds, a guy is involuntarily celibate. I can make up words also, and I'd be real good at it too. Take inbro as an example. It means that you are involuntarily broke. I mean, you'd like for money to be in your wallet, but it's just not there for whatever reason.

Perhaps you are in-between jobs, don't want a job, or are unhirable. It's not your fault, you're inbro, bro. All that an incel would need to get uncelled is to get unbro and incar. If you don't know what any of that means, you haven't seen enough gold digger videos on YouTube. The right car will make many a woman's panties moist, and you can take that to the bank, inbro. Anyone can smash two words together and make a new word.

Eric Blair had a real knack for it, but just because you can do it, should you? Most of Blair's portmanteaus were pretty fucking heinous. Duckspeak, doublethink, crimestop, crimethink, bellyfeel. And that's just a select few from his list of newspeak terms. In the Wikipedia entry for Newspeak, it describes Orwell's take on what the term means.

"In "The Principles of Newspeak", the appendix to the novel, Orwell explains that Newspeak follows most of the rules of English grammar, yet is a language characterized by a continually diminishing vocabulary; complete thoughts reduced to simple terms of simplistic meaning."

Portmanteaus are word memes that can encapsulate highly complex thoughts and simple concepts. With Orwell having had authored so many portmanteaus in his newspeak, and the fact that he saw it as a way of diminishing vocabulary, it begs the question, are we doing ourselves a disservice when we willy-nilly incorporate them into our collective vocabulary? Hopefully, we don't end up memory holing ourselves into an abbreviated language of stopthink.

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Incel is a hard word.

Because it was originally a slur

but, to a certain group, it described their poor situation.
And to them, it has much more meaning.

Something like: i haven't had a girlfriend, i will never have a girlfriend, girls don't even like to talk to me, they get this disgusted look on their face whenever i try, and i would really like a girl to love me for who i am.

So, the words involuntarily celibate is really a misnomer... but how do you pack all that into a easy to say package?

and BTW, the entire "incel" mindset keeps one being an incel, so there is no way out.
Also, the way out is very difficult and most who have made the journey have said it wasn't worth it for today's women.

Unfortunately, it'll get worse for them before it gets better as the powers that be are steadily trying to keep everyone separated, isolated, and distanced. But I too, think it's a disempowering word, for anyone to identify with. And that kind of circles back around to it being a complete (destructive) thought meme that takes the form of a singular word. And then as you mentioned, the ones that get themselves out of that box, go right on in and jump into another one (mgtow). There seems a strong desire within some people to compartmentalize, categorize, and put people into small boxes. It's a very limiting and weird phenomenon to observe. The spark of chemistry that allows two people to hit it off should be enough to discourage people from identifying with either of these groups. It's worse than an all or nothing mentality, more like a nothing/nothing mentality.