One possible scenario I can see the dems winning... Or everyone losing at the same time.

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Bloomberg comes out on top and wins the dem primary... Then


Corona-Chan cleans up a few hundred thousand people and places us all firmly into a massive bloody global recession. We end up with massive amounts of military quarantine zones and civil unrest. We also potentially even have to deal with impending world war 3 due to the virus being man made and partially funded by the Bill Gates foundation.

Basically everything goes fucking full out FUBAR and Trump gets blamed for it by a lot of people. Bloomberg can then potentially seal the deal.

hmm some potential issues with this though

  • Democrats are far more effected by a potential COVID-19 outbreak. They live in bigger city areas. This virus might as well be called a Democrat killer.
  • Bloomberg is far more likely to contract the virus himself. Trump is a lot more likely to be away from the virus itself.

If this virus really does have an R0 of 6.6, We actually seriously need to contend with the fact that literally everyone including the president is potentially susceptible to catching the virus.


This is the most epic conspiracy theory yet. Also, I love how your cover photo is just completely wrong.


You waited a few days to respond and declared the results as being different. LOL

Unless cartoons start coughing, I don't think you've got any reason to worry about Wuhan Virus.

The stats for the virus are pretty intense. 24 day incubation and its contagious says this shit is going everywhere.

Told ya so. :)