Now that it turns out I was right the entire time regarding dem primaries.

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Probably stings like hell at the moment. Man, imagine actually believing that Trump was not 100% likely to win in 2020... It must be absolutely painful.

It must feel like the world is absolutely collapsing for certain individuals right now. I knew this was going to happen though so no surprises for ME there. But I was called a conspiracy theorist for suggesting that things would play out this way. And then they played out exactly how I expected.

The absolute best thing about this though is the way people who argued I was a conspiracy theorist tended to think they are above everyone in terms of intelligence. They were above it all! Its the uneducated people like me that somehow just don't see it coming! I was a damn moron incapable of a shred of logical thought back then!

Oh well.

On that note there was plenty I was not expecting...
I was not expecting the Chinese virus. That was pretty crazy back in January when viable news sources began talking about that. It took two months for the mainstream to finally catch up and now its like everyone is talking about it. I was called a conspiracy nutter for talking about that back then as well. But it was obvious just from basic information the virus was scary as fuck. It would spread like fucking crazy! All information in January was absolutely obvious that China was in absolute panic mode the entire time.

I was not expecting cryptocurrency to take such a sharp decline during the market crash... I am still in shock about how much the economy is plunging right now. Holy shit it feels like there is no bottom!

I was absolutely not expecting Trump to begin talking about a UBI.

I was not expecting Justin Sun to buy up Steemit.

Trump winning in 2020 though? That was obvious back in 2016.

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Good post


I hope the 'Q' train is correct, because if they're not, (and is part of the psy-op) - We are now entering another level of authoritarianism, in the US and globally.

I hope I'm so utterly wrong in my quickly diminishing 'belief' that Trump was a different prospect.

He wasn't that different overall. He just triggers all the right people. Hillary was also objectively worse in every way possible.