Its nice to see most democrats are finally coming to terms with something I figured out years ago.

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What will this mean moving forward? I think the worst is yet to come.
There is a massive incentive right now for people unhappy with things to spread the Wuhan flu all over the place. The one chance I see things coming to a head would be to completely hit the reset button on a lot of stuff. But with that said, we are currently in a situation where everyone on earth now has access to what is essentially a bio weapon of mass destruction. Any political group, for any reason, can decide to spread Wuhan all over the place at any time. If it was not originally a bio weapon it can easily become one now.

Here is the thing, I don't think anyone outside of the death cult in South Korea has the balls to actually do something this stupid. Extremists are going to be forced to become more centrists while the ones that refuse to do so will simply become irrelevant. The process has been going on for awhile. When everyone has the ability to hit the reset button we are all forced to chill out.

We will see a shift from idealism to pragmatism while we struggle with a world war against an invisible foe that has no borders, no limitations and it does not care about your feelings. The virus will force us to make very difficult decisions, it will push us hard into nationalism and closed borders. Such is life I guess.


I don't see us recovering from this for quite awhile.

So here is the biggest kicker of all of this. The virus may infect the nervous system and the brain.

Additional information.

What does this mean? It means that the virus eventually destroys your body. The flu is just the first part of the virus that has multiple stages. If the first stage does not get you then you will likely experience additional stages that are much more deadly. The final stage is when the virus shuts down your ability to control your lungs at all. It just basically prevents your brain from telling your body to control your lungs. This causes victims to basically just fall over dead right where they stand.

Here is an old larp that talked about this back in January... Its funny to see how this larp is seemingly not being disproved yet.


Invisible war indeed.

Great points. It's amazing how obvious this seems once you mention it, but NOBODY on "the news" has even hinted at it (even though they're talking about corona this and corona that pretty much non-stop, you'd think they'd get bored just repeating the same talking points over and over).


Speaking of zombie, it is the zombie virus lol but seriously yea.

Thanks for those two links. I have been keeping an eye out for things related to the CNS effects of this virus. Awesome. I appreciate you sharing this info. Re-Steeming!

Definitely lab-produced and definitely not the flu. 911 was used to bring in the security State . I Wonder what this will be used for

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