Its hilarious to consider the idea that some day we wont be able to criticize the CCP on steemit.

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It honestly seems like China is super aggressive in the crypto space. I am overall bullish about the potential acquisition of steemit inc by @justinsunsteemit

Its worth bringing up a couple valuable points on this though. For one, steemit itself has barely changed its layout in 4 years... its kind of insane honestly... And yeah I know there have been a lot of updates behind the scenes, however this place overall has yet to change in any real significant way. This place has been overall stagnant as hell.

For two, the killer dap for a proper social media site is more likely going to be closer to 4chan than something like reddit. That means its actually better to keep things simpler rather than more complex. So with that in mind its actually worse to try and build on top of this kind of system. All of that building that has happened has actually been steps backwards!

Cryptocurrency based social media should be basically nothing more than multi currency anon based image boards where people can filter what they want to see in various ways. There does not need to be a huge crazy complex centralized dap like steemit. All this kind of shit does is put a target on your head by authorities as a developer. People should be able to post whatever they want with zero need to worry about being doxed, while also being able to get paid for said content.

That is the only real thing crypto brings to the table that traditional methods do not. If you want to recreate Reddit then guess what, Reddit already exists and its shit.

So while I am happy to see steemit change ownership I have to really seriously ask... Why?
Are you planning to build a bunch of stuff on top of something that basically would be better off being more simple in the first place?

I think too many people are missing the point with this shit entirely.


DPOS, the key word is delegate.

What is CCP and did you say Steemit changed ownership? Tron bought Steemit? But does that mean the USA company, Steemit Inc, and the main website,, but not the actual blockchain which should be, like Bitcoin, impossible to own apart from owning every computer that runs Steem, similar to how Bitcoin works, through decentralization, right?

CCP is China. (Chinese Communist Party)
Steemit inc is just the main steemit web page. The blockchain is much harder to actually own as you mention.

That is good news concerning Steem. Bad news concerning CCP who have been trying to take over the world with buying land in the USA, buying up Hollywood, etc.

CCP = Chinese Communist Party


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This is a wiiiild conspiracy theory. You talk all day every day about how crypto is uncensorable and now you completely switch gears because someone from China is involved? Sounds like racism to me.

This was in response to steemit being bought out by a Chinese company.
You didn't even fucking know what I was talking about. Why did you bother to respond?