The recommendation for Forced innoculation comes down from doctors; who are more politicians, than doctors!

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Medical Tyranny is now recommended policy by our government / doctors; using a low grade contagion as an excuse to DEMAND that Everyone takes this 'inoculation' or be PUNISHED!

We are to be forced, against all objections to accept whatever they decide to shoot us with, in the Guise of a rapidly developed Chronavirus vaccine!

Article on medical Tyranny: innoculations.jpg

The government, directed by doctors; is considering a Mandatory vaccination for everyone in the country. The excuse is a low grade virus (not as deadly as the common cold) that has already mutated once. This rapid mutation means that the vaccination will Not work, on the new mutated strain. So any inoculation will be, in fact, useless as this virus mutates to different forms.

This is the exact same reason that they have been unable to make a vaccine for the common cold for the last five decades. Only now they have decided to give us a shot of something, and then call it a Chronavirus inoculation!

In an opinion piece published by USA Today, medical professionals urge for “compulsory vaccination for everyone” and furthermore state that Americans who decline a vaccine for coronavirus should be subjected to “punishment.”
A Closer Look at the Healthcare Community’s Support for Forced Vaccination

The healthcare opinion writers kicked off their piece, stating that there is “no alternative” but to require everyone in America to receive a vaccine for coronavirus, whether they like it or not.

The goal of all Fascists is total control...JUST LIKE THIS!

Furthermore, the op-ed urges the removal of religious exemptions and personal exemptions; this is in addition to stating that “severe penalties” should befall individuals who fail to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

This sounds like the mark of the Beast from Revelation in the Bible! They have even talked about putting the medical verification in a 'chip', and placing that 'chip' in everyone's right hand....

Mandating that Americans get a coronavirus vaccine and enacting the aforementioned “severe penalties” for those who refuse doesn’t mark the end of the op-ed, though.

Doctors who wrote the piece continued, stating that following vaccination against COVID-19, a “registry of immunization” should contain names of all who have accepted the shot. Then, the opinion article goes on to endorse “certification cards” with branded expiration dates that individuals can carry around with them as proof of vaccination.

Beginning to sound familiar? It should, they are talking about casting non-compliant individuals outside society!!!

The “severe penalties” endorsed by medical professionals behind this op-ed include the following: loss of tax credits, revocation of government benefits, loss of employment, loss of access to public transportation (planes, trains, buses, etc.), denial of entry into both public and private auditoriums, etc.

Next step is grocery stores, access to healthcare, then public roadways...we have to raise Hell now, or live in Hell soon! There will be zero Freedom left, if they pull this off, we will be low paid servants; begging for crumbs from the government!

Needless to say, the aforementioned measures recommended by the medical doctors in yesterday’s USA Today op-ed are horrifying to many Americans. Last night, the article began making the rounds on social media with many people questioning the legality and ethics behind forced vaccination and societal restrictions for those who refuse.

This violates the US Constitution, and deliberately ignores all medical Ethics (first do no harm) and forces the use of quickly made and untested injections to 100% of US Citizens! What could possible go wrong, after all thalidomide was fully tested and approved....

One thing is definitely for sure: calls to “require” a coronavirus vaccine for each American have certainly reinforced the beliefs of those who maintain that certain mandates are about social control, rather than stopping a virus. Talk about punishing people who refuse and setting up an immunization registry for “certification cards” also aren’t putting minds at ease.

They are correct, this is NOT medically based, this is all about control! They must control us, by denying freedom to 'Non-compliant' individuals. The more they can deny, the more power they amass, and the more dangerous they become! In order to do this, they must 'set aside' (AKA Destroy) the US Constitution; to pick up these reigns of tyranny through Fascism!

The goal is to force us to use cards they control (or the chips some favor), to buy food, etc.; because if they control access, they control US! Without their approval, we can't eat, have no access to medical, or fuel.

Disagree (First Amendment RIGHT) and they will just let you die! That is Tyrannical power at it's very worst, and the bloody end to our Republic....

I never thought they could succeed in doing this in my lifetime. As a side note, they MUST destroy the Second Amendment first; as this is the foundation, our entire Republic rests upon! IF they force this one issue, the entire World collapses into darkness.

We did NOT force medicine on citizen's for the Spanish flu
The Spanish Flu numbers are not as solid, but the say 500,000,000 were infected, and 20,000,000 to 50,000,000 died! If we take the middle of these numbers at 35,000,000 lost it is a 7% mortality rate! They do mention that a mutated strain caused significant deaths in a second wave.

We did not force inoculations upon the public with small pox that killed 30% of it's victims.
Initially, in the Americas small pox killed 95% of those infected. The drop to a modern number of 30% dead was still unacceptable! Those willing were inoculated, and herd immunity destroyed small pox!

The numbers are tougher with the Plague, but the numbers suggest 20 to 80% fatality rate from the black death
These are not modern medical responses but quarantine was developed to combat this serious contagion!

NOW enter the chronavirus. First we must be aware that we are not getting consistent numbers. ALL other numbers are based on a statistical estimate of number actually infected, compared to those who die from the contagion. This is reasonable and scientifically accurate, and has been used on all other contagions. The statistical quantities can be ten to thirty times the size of the known sick. With the Chronavirus, only positive tested infected are allowed in the calculations for the mortality rate. This is scientifically garbage, and is Deliberate; they should be ashamed of their subterfuge! On top of that, data collected has been deliberately inflated by including deaths by shooting and auto accidents as chronavirus deaths! So we must used known inaccuracies and twisted numbers to try to make some kind of comparison!

I go to the state of Oklahoma's website.

Here we see a listed 1.2 % mortality rate ; but if we even assume the lowest projected (statistical) infection rate, this becomes 0.12% mortality. This is likely closer to accurate. The Governor here, said last week that the Mortality rate here in Oklahoma was 0.4% (note that he is using the positive tested number to calculate this rate) He also stated that our most vulnerable older population accounted for almost all the losses. This is significantly lower than the common cold....

So we have continued as normally as possible, through several serious contagions; and the Nation has shrugged this all off. Only to run aground on a contagion that likely would have gone unnoticed except for the massive coverage it received from the media, supported by politicians!

The Chronavirus is a comparative paper tiger, and we need only protect our older Citizens and let herd immunity build up and destroy this relatively weak virus! BUT the very last thing we need, is Medically supported Tyranny; which will likely force civil war upon us all! THEN the real rate of mortality will soar, we need to pray for our Republic...while we still have her!


against nuremberg code, and un do human rights, and they know this, hence the propaganda. they don't want to start a civil war and they can track you all they like just as you are. at least 50% of those wearing masks will take the vaccine voluntarily. peace.

At least the German media was 'recruited' at rifle point...our media was purchased like the prostitutes they are! Propaganda is a soft term for planned lies and deceit; intended for Evil purposes!

There are far too many sheeple in this country! They will willing walk onto the slaughterhouse floor; just because someone convinces them, it is politically correct!


Wrong ! absolutely false. you should read more about how it went... and for your education and because I am generous it is in summary how it went : during the interwar (when germany was raped financially and more), the democratic republic instated total censorship (on the ruins of the war censorship). They fought against all they considered anti-political correctness. Once the nazis took over the apparatus of censorship was already in place, it was just a question of changing the narrative :).

for this part I ain't sure, but I bet that the men of Goebels and co, didn't for one second rely on the previous leech and subhumans who let germany be raped during the interwar and simply send those "journalists" in the political prisonners camps, were they later were executed or slowly killed (lack of food etc) but this part I didn't research it :).

Some did comply, but most were either removed and sent to camps as you say) and some that were really opposed to the Nazi agenda, were just killed on site. The Nazi (Then and now) must disarm the population, so they can easily murder those who oppose them. They had little problem in Germany, as they instituted 'Gun Registration' for the Children (many of which died as a direct result)! As was inevitable, the 'registration' led quickly to 'confiscation' ; and almost as fast to political murder.

Where they murdered the real journalists, the did replace them with Nazis from his select propaganda department. Some were just worked to death, but NONE were treated as Citizens!

THIS is why we are seeing record gun and ammunition sales, every consecutive month! Real people are getting MAD, and are exercising their Second Amendment RIGHTS. This is the only thing this puppet master government fears...armed and pissed Citizens; as our Founding Fathers Intended!


the "vaxx"nazis... vaccines are just a pretext for them to enslave us, to rule over us, to finally rape our children on private islands.

They do need to be hung up in a wire cell and left to rot! Any 'vaccine' they develop will be intended to kill most of us off. Saves money and the survivors are sheeple (probably in part of the same 'vaccine') willing to do as they are told, for a plate of food!

November is going to get interesting!



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Opened when I backed into the comment, I like it! They hope to govern by fear, what they are generating instead is Anger!


We have to take these treasonous self installed gov out or we all go down.

That is sadly true, it is do or die! People are getting MAD, and we have had record firearm sales for the past several months. Ammunition is becoming hard to find in a lot of calibres. But I stock where I can, and find what is there.



No, this is the aftermath of an hostile take over moving to the extermination phaze by destroying the natural immune system. this is not a political issue, nor can be solved the political way.

in short the vaxxnazis are in control. and if you know a little about the history of the real nazi you will quickly understand that the only few worth mentionning are the jews of the gethos of warsaw (I think...) who used tunnels to evacuate and link with forward soviet troops to arm...

this is a war... the more you kill, the more you win, simply as that.

I agree on the extermination phase, but it won't go the way they think. Locally 3 criminals broke into a house to steal, the Man in the house met them with his pistol, They shot at him, he shot them, one survived to be charged with the Murders of the other two. The home owner was not hurt, it pays to practice! My ballistic plates will be here soon too.

The power remains with the people, unless they give it away! I am training people that have Never owned a firearm, the proper way to use what they have purchased.

I have studied war History since I was ten, so I know how the Nazi came into power. I always wondered HOW they could hoodwink an entire country. Now I see it happening here!

It will get interesting soon, I hope civilization survives....


This is crazy.. but you know what? People are so sick of being forced to stay inside and wear masks watch how quickly people line up to do this.

If enough people simply refused to comply there would be nothing that they could do. Where are those communities in Idaho when you need them?

This looks like the straw that broke the Camel's back. The mark of the beast we have been warned about.

Welcome to the tribulation!


In the Netherlands they say "doctors (GP's) earn their ski-holiday with giving flu vaccins."

To willing victims, my complaint is that they intend to give a rapidly produced, untested vaccine; FORCIBLY to everyone, even those who refuse!

BUT, there is massive cash involved here! Follow the money....