The homeless meal went well on Sunday, without incident; we made Tex Mex which is a favorite!

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We set up two hours early, and premade about 70 meals to put into the hot box.

We set up normally to fill them:

Then we moved them in a cart to the hot box, to hold them at safe temperatures. This box was in a separate canopy 25 foot removed from my volunteers:


We were able to hold the lines down, which was good for the feeding, but bad for photography, LOL!


We never had a line of homeless, but here are a few.

We ended up feeding 110 homeless people Sunday, which is lower that normal; but is higher than we expected.


We managed to give away some clothes; to some of the homeless, that needed them.

All in all, it was a good day for all, and we made sure that everyone ate very well!

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Seems like it! Keep up the good work @smithlabs ❤️
cheers, liz

Is there an easy way to move steem dollars to hive dollars? I am powering down there.


You have to trade them. There are several trading plattforms that are still accepting steem. Usually you have to exchange them to Bitcoin and then to hive.

Thanks, I will try to get it set up.

Are any crypto wallets possible without an online drivers license?


Well done to everyone 👍

It was good to see them come back, I have been very worried about them! They have been hurt the worst by this chronavirus debacle....