President Trump will come to visit Tulsa tomorrow ; and liberals scream Chronavirus, and bring in their shock troops!

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President Trump will rally here tomorrow. The Mayor has declared a state of emergency, so he can bring on extra police and National Guard to control the outside agitators the liberals are shipping in to disrupt this event!

Tulsa World attacks President Trump's rally in Tulsa tomorrow:

What else can we expect? They are liberal in a Conservative town. They actually Give their papers away to keep the 'circulation' numbers up. They have reported (in glowing terms) about the "protesters" (AKA Rioters) across the country, and 'social distancing' is NEVER mentioned!

Now a peaceful Rally is planned, and the Covid 19 Boogyman is dragged out as the only negative about this rally!

The op-ed starts by noting that the president’s planned rally for Saturday (which was pushed from Friday, which is Juneteenth) will be his first since the coronavirus pandemic put the country on lockdown. The paper says that “Tulsa is still dealing with the challenges created by a pandemic,” and while they can’t say why Trump chose to restart his rallies there, “we can’t see any way that his visit will be good for the city.”

All the hotels in Tulsa are full, and that will also fill our Restaurants for the weekend. Sounds like that is "Good"....

They have had more people try to get tickets, than live in Tulsa! Over a million requests for tickets in a 20,000 seat arena shows that the local people don't give a damn what the Tulsa World thinks!

I think they need to satellite to the Maybe Center, The Pavillion, and the Convention Center; to push the seat count up by another 50,000! My wife wants to go, but she is in a wheelchair, and there is no traffic within a mile of the BOK Center, even if I could find a ticket.

The big risk, is NOT covid 19, but the paid agitators that george soros will send here by the Thousands! There is a page where thousands of bikers will make a live wall to ensure the outside agitators remain peaceful. There has been a call for the Sheriff to deputize several hundred volunteers to assist them. I would be willing to do this myself!

It is also interesting that the Tulsa World says NOTHING about the risk of bring in thousands of violent agitators who have no intention of maintaining social distancing! Apparently the only people that cause this virus to spread, are Conservatives...hopeless hypocrites; disgusting excuse for "journalism"!

Trouble may begin here, because of liberal intolerance, tomorrow at this rally; while they scream covid 19, and throw bricks and frozen water bottles!

I will add a long gun to my trunk tomorrow, just in case some of these Evil people attack me. I will fill all the side pouches with magazines, (300 rounds) that way, with my daily carry pistols that should be enough, SMH!

It is ironic that the 'tolerant' liberals, can NOT leave others alone; to make their own decisions, but believe they have the right to physically attack others instead! WHY Can't they just mind their own business?

The MSM will report on violence tomorrow, even if there is none; and blame Conservatives. Please keep in mind that they have tried to start riots here twice in the last few weeks, and the protesters here refused to join them. Their outside agitators are in jail; so maybe we can add some more of their paid minions, to the local jails!

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I totally agree that it is crazy that some people won't talk about the terrorists who will be trying to break into the Trump rally in Tulsa this Saturday. That is the irony, the hypocrisy. The good news is that patriots can continue to show people the irony via, videos, memes, and articles like this.

There will be a lot of counter protesters there Saturday, including a larte number of bikers. There is a biker club at church, that is supposed to be there. Here we have Constitutional carry, so I imagine the bikers will ge arned better than the Police!

Freedom of speech is restricted on a lot of platforms, so no real posts on FB, or twitter; SMH!



The protesters were held at bay, and things were quiet. the only thing the MSM will cover is that there were some empty seats. There was a one mile perimeter so I would have had to push her wheelchair for a mile to get there, so We didn't go. Besides they had massive requests for tickets, so I couldn't get any!


they tried to disrupt it and the crowd was not as big as Trump had hoped but since the majority of media will not report honestly on WHY that was the case we will likely never know. I do know that the usual suspects were laughing at empty seats and cherry picking photos as usual. He pulled in 16,000 or so.... The thing I have to say is that if Biden held a rally here, the conservatives would not protest it, because Biden would struggle to fill a high school library in most cities.

The Mayor declared a state of emergency and blocked out a one mile perimeter. So I would have had to push her wheelchair over a mile, Unarmed, through soros minions; just to see IF I could get a ticket!

There were 800,000 ticket requests when I looked....


800,000 ticket requests but 16,000 showed up? That don't make a whole lot of sense but I'm just a Texican with a math handicap.

Well they closed the doors two hours early because of the protesters. It was also raining. We wanted to go, but pushing her wheelchair for a mile (exclusion zone) in the rain, to an arena that was sold out; just didn't seem smart. I would have had to leave my pistol in the car too, and walk through a LOT of nasty people! My Son signed up, but he is an Armed Guard, and got pulled in to work.

They had thousands standing outside, in the rain, to watch him speak!

That said, the arena was almost full before the protesters formed up to try to get in. Also, those protesters that got frisky went to jail, quickly! The ones that are NOT local will be charged Federally.


You mean the arena was sold out with people standing outside? Shouldn't they have rented a larger arena or is that the best that Tulsa has to offer?

Newest Arena here, but not large enough for the massive money they spent on it!

There are other choices, but the BOK Center is the newest. Here, the 'old' convention center is always a problem, so they have to build another every 40 years or so. The previous two are still here and functional, the second back (the old Lady of Brady) makes more than the one just replaced (the Cox Convention Center) because it is privately owned. I saw William Shatner there, to a packed house. The Cox Center is big enough for Hockey games, I used to go to the fights there, and every now and then, a hockey game broke out, LOL. They also have the Maybe Center on the ORU Campus, and the Pavillion on the fairgrounds, where I saw the Ice Capades the last time I was there.

There is also the Quick Trip Center we have talked about before that is the largest building in the World....

But the 16,000 there were seated two hours early when they locked it down. If we had gone too, we would have ended up outside too, because she can't sit that long.


Oh man, those 16,000 had to seat for 2 hours before it started? Dang, I wouldn't be able to handle that.

There may be a class action lawsuit from the people who were turned away. That has been on the news recently.

BTW, the violent ones were contained, arrested, and charged with domestic Terrorism!

WE treat terrorists correctly here, they may go to Gitmo....