Militarized Police Move into the Virginia Capitol and set up a "kill zone" fencing system to attack peaceful protesters!

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The liberal Governor in Virginia is bringing in military trained police and Military hardware; to assault a peaceful protest composed of his own voters!

Image from website:
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Article on War to begin in Virginia:

First in this article you will see the Military Hardware he is bringing in for this planned attack:

This is the best argument against militarizing our Police Forces! They do NOT have the same training and restraints against use of the military against Civilians, per our Constitution! The Military, in this exact same position, would refuse this illegal order....

Following a temporary emergency declaration by Governor Ralph Northam, large elements of the Virginia State Police have been photographed arriving in the capital city of Richmond, bringing with them a ROOK armored SWAT carrier.

The temporary emergency has been issued ahead of Monday’s Lobby Day Demonstration, in which tens of thousands of 2nd Amendment activists are expected to descend on the State Capitol in protest of Democrat-sponsored gun control and confiscation bills making their way through the newly-blue state legislature.

Governor Ralph Northam thinks he can follow Soros's orders, and attack US Citizens; and retain control of Virginia! He needs to be removed for violating his Oath of office, as he is demonstrably ignoring the Constitution of the State of Virginia!

As previously reported by The National File, Northam’s emergency declaration has been issued with the intent of disarming protestors, something the event’s organizers, the VCDL, say violates Virginia law, and are currently fighting in court alongside Gun Owners of America.

In addition to the arrival of militarized police, recent photos show the construction of fencing around the Capitol building – fencing that appears to act a pen, meant to contain Lobby Day attendees in a confined space.

Tomorrow will tell the tale! Will the free citizens of Virginia be allowed to peacefully protest their government's new direction; or will they have the jack boot of a tyrannical Governor on their throats by noon? Supported by a pseudo military force of Police; not inoculated about the illegal orders for use of force, against US Citizens!

This is a dark day for our Republic, and a blow against Freedom across the Board!
Militarized Police Move into the Virginia Capitol and set up a "kill zone" fencing system to attack peaceful protesters!
Here is a video from a website I trust, and have found truthful:

This may be the cause of the second American Civil War, and it could begin tomorrow, SMH! Idiots in Office that want us all dead!

Pray for the Patriots is Virginia, and for the enlightenment of her governor!


well i read somewhere that they are "being set up" and to be honest, the way that political agendas get popularized by sensationalized stories, I can see that happening.

If I ran this, I would show up without the arms they want to confiscate, and raise all holy hell in their kill zones!

Force them into a violation that will incense the entire country! This is Treason, and the proof will be painful. The prosecution need to be draconian, and fast!

This is what we face nation wide if the liberals regain power! They must be stopped in Virginia, and the source of the funding that bought them power must be prosecuted!


In the immortal words of N.W.A... “Fuck the police!” Oh and the government too, lol.

Thanks, I had to look them up, but it is impressive that these guys agree with the Founding Fathers! The very reason that they included the Second Amendment was included to place firearms in our hands, for times like this.

They warned us about tyranny from Government, and charged us with the responsibility to stop them, and restore the Republic!


Not sure what is going on with the news. There is a lot of fear of white-supremacists they believe will cause violence at this rally. Not sure why they keep using this term to describe incorrectly to describe groups of people they disagree with. So I am not sure if the reports are true.

Somebody always seems to arrive at these things instigate violence, bad behavior, anger, and hate. It could be anyone, regardless of their beliefs or skin color. I am more concerned about the danger caused by provoking people with a mental/emotional disorder or high on drugs.

I knew they would spin it and send in their Violent syphocants claiming to be White Supremacists AND President Trump supporters! This is their normal operation plan, SMH!

That is why Conservatives should show up Unarmed, with tools to disassemble their kill zone fences! HOW DARE THEY Fence US Citizens?

I fear that they will kill Patriots today, and try to blame those innocent dead for the violence! That is why they should go in bare handed.

EVIL funded by Soros stalks the State of Virginia!



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They sold their souls to Soros...and to his Master, SMH!

These are Evil men, doing their Master's bidding; and may GOD forgive us for allowing this purchase, of Virginia's government!


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