Here is the county Map of the presidential election.

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When viewing this map ask yourself how any thinking person could see this as a landslide victory for the blue side!

This map is courtesy of the Wikipedia people. They do pretty good work and I usually go there for information the!


This is pretty startling, I have been watching Maps like this for over fifty years and I have never seen what's on this map. If you look towards the bottom you will see that Hawaii is red! I have never seen Hawaii red they have always been a liberal Enclave. Seeing that actually unsettled me as much as the rest of the map.

This map actually shows why the Liberals were so desperate that they cheated so massively across the board on this election. If you look at this map carefully you see the death of a national party in this map! There are so few areas that they are now in ascendance in, that there are no longer a National Power.

This is the most incredible rejection politically that I have ever seen. Good people in this country want nothing to do with the feces let the Liberals are shoveling!

Here is a short video on the legal Work in Pennsylvania, where they are exposing some of the criminal activity; eelated to supossed vite counts there! Only a minute and a half. I had watched it about 10 or 11 times just to hear the gasp!

When you're forced to cheat at this level because you didn't anticipate the level.of Trump votes, it makes it very easy to find! This one's going to be overturned.

So, give the process time to work and don't worry about this election. No one will get away with cheating this blatantly, some of these people are going to prison!

And Obama appointed judge in Pennsylvania ruled against the Trump campaign without seeing any evidence at all. They are headed to the Supreme Court, and this judge should be removed for incompetence!

Be safe and expect violence in the next 2 months, the source is dependent on this outcome that!


Its really in the hands of the GOP to over-ride this fraud.

They control all the relevant State Legislatures that The Constitution appoints as the sole determinant of who the Electoral College Electors are.

They just need to have the balls to stand up and do what is right.

The GOP is at the core of this mess. If they have the guts, we can correct this great wrong! If they don't, we're all done.

These liberals cannot allow the Republic to survive if they're able to seize power! This is the time that try men's Souls....

We must reaffirm the rule of law and put these people in prison for their treasons, if we're to retain our republic!



Either way I expect within the next two months to see blood in the streets. I hope I'm wrong I hope this is resolved peacefully, but I think it's been pushed too far for that to be done; SMH!

If the Liberals are successful, the conservatives will take up arms. If President Trump is successful the Liberals will burn their own the cities to the ground and protest! Either way it will be a real bad place to be in any of the big cities in the next 2 months.

Personally I think that Rudy Giuliani is going to mop the floor with them! Lock snd load....


Hope the cheats get found out.

The were too crude, and are easily documented. They must win this time, or it's prison! They have cheated my multiple methods, and they've been caught.

They must now face the rule of law, and the mainstream media needs to face the same they lie cheat and steal to support these evil people!


And this is what the state map should look like without all the voter fraud. Trump 410, Creepy Pedophile Joe Biden 128. Commiefornia is even red!!!

Excellent an accurate video amazing stuff! The obvious criminal activity and the crude level that they think they can get away with is going to make it very easy to put handcuffs on them in court. These people were surprised by the turnout for Trump, and their schemes software stealing we're not Grand enough to ensure the election results they wanted. They had to jump in and do meatball surgery on their software which is made it much easier to locate the changes, this has just provided solid evidence for Giuliani! And he will use it....

The map I posted from Wiki shows the death of the Liberal Party In This Nation they pushed too far to the left and they've lost their registered Democratic for their entire life voters who don't want a socialist government. Right now it sucks to be a liberal!