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RE: The real numbers begin to pour in on the Chronavirus; and anger begins to grow!

in #informationwar8 months ago

And I'm "lucky" enough to be in one of those states still shutdown.....


Raise Hell, and remind them they are Elected! Then sue and jail them under USC 18 Section 242!

Best to move somewhere that.has reopened! These liberally controlled states are not safe, when the SHTF comes, from the unchecked spending. Sadly, many will be killed by violence, and even more by starvation!

I really hope I'm wrong!!!


I hope so too....oh and I am actively looking to get out of this horable state!

Good move, flee the taxes and stupid policies; and be safe! Pick carefully, and avoid the blue cancer.


Oh Yeah!!

It is much safer to be out of the blue states right now. That is where the zombie apoxolypse will begin....


Now here is a question for you think we will start to see a shift in some of those blue states in that some may start to look a little more red?

Well, based on the recent elections in Ca., where two elections for seats that were liberal for 30 to 60 years; went red...YES! I think it will be carnage for 'blue' in November....