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RE: The climate change mob is angry!

in #informationwarlast year (edited)

Don't bid bot this @drakos. I needs me some of that curation bounty! Looks like @informationwar @lordbutterfly, @paradigmprospect beat me to the punch!

Image Source: @growpro

Don't get mad. Just my strange sense of humour.


I won't.

Our curation is not botted, it is manual curation by humans.

Never said it was and that was a joke about the last post. Only accused you of being far-right not a bot. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Thank you for making it clear that your curation is manual. Evidently you did not get my humour so let me explain it for you...

There were a great many downvotes on @drakos last post with some comments discussing the downvotes that he used a number of bots to upvote his post. The joke above is referring to those downvotes and how it will effect both author and curation rewards.

My tagging you was also part of the joke as you upvoted/curated the post before me which means you get a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to curation.

Oh the complexities of making an inside joke regarding the nuances of STEEM economics!