You can’t make this shit up!

in informationwar •  last month 

Ghis came in my Twitter feed

I kid you not, but a bunch of apes escaped with corona virus from a laboratory in these times. I thought it was April first, but apparently not... I guess we deserve this crisis if this can keep on happening!


Have a great weekend, people!



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Don't worry man, it's all just monkey business.

Exactly :)) The problem is that this monkey business might be part of a bigger plan of gradually stealing most of our fundamental rights.

Nothing will surprise me (anymore).
The world in chaos, riots, unemployment, infinite money printing etc etc., all this while the (already) exorbitant rich getting richer day by day.

Whole life is just some monkey business! But most of the people just don’t realise it! 😂

Saw this last week on someone's post. Quite fitting don't you think?


Yep, sadly it is! Complete insanity has taken us over, and most people comply without the blink of an eye... Never thought I would ever see it happening!