Sweden about to reach herd immunity!

in informationwar •  2 months ago 

Smart Swedes

The only European country that has used common sense and that did not force its citizens into a lockdown was Sweden. The reasoning behind that was to save the economy. And they relied on the discipline of the people to not gather together with more than 50 people, but that’s about it. And now there comes a convenient plus with that decision.


A study by a Swedish mathematician called Tom Britton shows that they are approaching “herd immunity” and by June this will mean that the population will protect itself from the corona virus by this immunity that will be around 45 % in the population. The virus will eventually die out in the population because it cannot spread fast enough anymore.

So, conclusion, they saved their economy AND will be safe from the virus way faster than all other countries. How about that... So, my advice to every leader in the world: open up and end the lockdowns!



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I doubt it that this would be a good idea for all countries.
Scandinavians are by nature disciplined far more than for instance the people in our beloved country. I do understand the idea behind the herd immunity, but decisions by other countries were made by what they did see happening in Italy. They did tried everything in their power to keep the number of people in IC under the threshold.

We will never know if the lockdown was the best idea of if the herd immunity would have been better.

I understand, but the problem is that for every virus the population eventually has to go to herd immunity sooner or later, here too! We just will take longer for it... It’s just not possible to crawl under a rock for the rest of our lives. Waiting for a vaccine could take years