Pubs and restaurants to reopen in Belgium, but how...

in informationwar •  last month 

It’s ridiculous

The sector did a proposition by itself on the terms how to reopen... And boy is it ridiculous!

  • Everyone has to sit down, all the time
  • 1,5 meters a part from eachother
  • personnel needs to ware facemasks
  • no dancing
  • no going outside for a cigarette
  • everything closes at 23 PM


Complete bullshit, all the fun is gone... Fuck this shit!



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It is total bullshit. Glad to see others outside of the US getting fed up with it.

Those masks are worthless. If you don't have an n95 or n100 they won't do shit. It's all for show and to keep people afraid. 🍻

Off course we’re fed up with it! It is total nonsense and still loads of people buy it!

They want us puppets so they can play us how they want. Wait till they ditch cash and then you shall see total control. Once we won't be able to own cash anymore most of our freedoms will wanish.

Yeah, we have to stand up to this insanity!