Dr. Knut Wittkowski censored on Youtube for having an opposing view on lockdowns...

in #informationwar2 months ago

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This Youtube-channel brought a series of videos the last 4 months, called "views on the pandemic". In one of those videos Dr. Knut Wittkowski, 35 years of experience in epidemiology, also at the Rockefeller College in New York, made a few bald statements. For instance, he said that lockdowns and social distancing had no effect and were completely pointless to counter this pandemic. This video has been a feature in one of my posts a few months ago. Now Youtube decided that it is a violation of the "narrative" that the World Health Organization states. And therefor it has been removed.


This completely baffles me, someone with so much experience on this field, should be allowed to speak his opinion. No matter what, period. The world has gone completely mad, and the political correctness is putting free speech completely under the thumb. A very sad, once again for the free world AND for science!

You can still find the video on the internet via this link: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7ubfyh.