Deutsche Bank fined 133 million USD for not screening Epstein

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No surprise

Off course this news is no surprise to anyone, but it keeps on happening, Banks raking in shady people with tons of money and looking away when dirty transactions happen... Deutsche Bank says “they have learned from it” and will not let it happen again. Which makes me laugh out loud, because we all know that any money is welcome for the big banks, no matter where it comes from and what is done with it. Especially for Deutsche Bank, that is in dark territory for a few years now.


The fine will hurt a bit, but is actually peanuts for a giant like them. The bad marketing that comes with it will hurt them more.


Stay as far away from commercial banking as you can and try to learn as much as you can about crypto currency, because they are the future, not the shady banks!




Lol the rumors that G Maxwell has covid19 are probably true, do you think she will make it to trial?

She will probably get suicided too...

Wouldnt be surprised

I hate banks that much that I feel like having a tour of Europe and take as many loans as I can and show them the middle finger... That's what they deserve imo. Would I be a sort of Robin Hood or just a typical Easter European...?