Abuse of power by public servants can never be tolerated!

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George Floyd is his name

And the man died for no reason! That is the mere fact and the people of Minneapolis should be protesting against this until it can never be forgotten! The riots help nobody but are so understandable, that I can’t say anything wrong about it.
The police officer’s’ smirky face is on my collective memory forever. And so is the cry for help by George Floyd... Unforgivable, and people truly have to keep standing up now. We have been bullied enough by the authorities the last decades, from politicians to police officers, they are all “public servants” of which abuse of power can never be tolerated. Butto the contrary, the opposite happens, abuse is common practice, and that has to stop!


So stand up, for George Floyd and yourself and your loved ones!



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Man I wonder where to they find those scumbags in the police force...

I know, it is incredible how above the law these guys act and feel... It’s like they are taught to be like that

Yes, they have the same attitude in Romania as well. The word really needs mass riots at this point otherwise we won't escape the totalitarian state that is being prepared.

They have been fired already. But that's not enough. Murderer need to be in prison.

Just firing them is simply BS...

With this pandemic, there’s abuse of power all over the place. Here in Canada, Justin Trudeau suspended parliament until September yesterday. It’s a joke. Walmart workers are essential, but parliament isn’t.

This is a tragedy, police are mearnt to protect and not to kill.

This is a tragedy, police are mearnt to protect the citizens of their country and not to kill them.