On Spygate Indictments, Trump’s Temperament & Trump Derangement Syndrome—NYC Lawyer Stephen Meister

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How might President Trump appear to a fellow New Yorker, who once himself faced the President’s bold negotiation tactics?

Today we look at how President Trump approaches a range of issues through the eyes of Stephen Meister, founding partner of the New York law firm Meister, Seelig & Fein, who represented Donald Trump in several commercial cases.

We discuss President Trump’s response to the Iranian attack on a US drone, Trump’s personality as a businessman, negotiator, and leader, and what Meister was one of the first to describe as “Trump derangement syndrome.”

We also explore what indictments might be forthcoming as a result of the AG’s ongoing review of the spying on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Video Source:
American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

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