How Many Countries Are Part of the World Communist Movement?

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Declassified Majisms

We are often told there are only six “communist” countries left—that is, nations ruled by an openly communist party.

They are China, Cuba, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam, and North Korea. If you define “communist” in the traditional Marxist–Leninist “command economy” way, there is really only one left—North Korea.

However, this approach is deceptive. It totally underestimates world communist power. It misunderstands what modern communism has become. Let us explain...

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DECLASSIFIED - The Epoch Times

The World Communist Movement is not just six countries. It is Russia, China, Iran, and all of their allies and puppet organizations. It controls more than half the world. If the United States ever fails, the World Communist Movement will rule us all.

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what ever they do they will never have more caviar than the soviet ruling class at the top its control... :).

Prolly right :)

Just wanted to let you know I am going to be down for a couple of weeks. I will be at camp with our teens for a week and then on vacation the next. Thought you would want to know :-)

Yeah, I appreciate it :)

Sounds like a lot of fun, enjoy it Pastor, see ya when ya get back !!

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Interesting video. So according to classic Marxism, since the USA accumulated a lot of capitalist wealth, it's ripe for the next stage: socialism. That explains the sudden push for socialism and the growing acceptance for it over the last few years! Ultimately, if the USA fails, it's heading straight to communism?

For a while I thought communism was dead after the Cold War ended, and after seeing China and Russia adopt capitalism. But with the resurgence of socialist ideas, the fight is far from over. The left is dangerously gaining momentum.

On an optimistic note, I don't think communism will ever prevail, because China and Russia are getting a taste of capitalism, the population is benefiting from that. If those governments try to enforce communism "again", they'll have serious revolutions driving them back to square one.

This is always the case according to history. Thing is, these planers are way yonder in advance of today's events and are likely well aware of the steps needed to make their plan reality.

It is true some capitalist ideas would be needed to maintain any other form of governance, but not necessarily for the "masses". Think of the wealth built up by the few when exporting the US and European manufacturing to Asia. While it certainly benefited someone, it wasn't the Asian, European, or American population.

Think of the British and American "tycoons" that financed Hitler, who did that benefit and why ? Even back to the planning of WWI we can see, now. How it was all planned and also how the few took from the many to become the true power brokers of the modern world.

Few want to hear it, but the truth is pretty simple.
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
Ephesians 6:12

Good versus Evil, right vs wrong, etc etc. No regular people in this world are able to make generational plans and have their children's children still onboard and doing the deeds necessary to make the plan reality.

Think about that for a bit :)

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