Antifa Origins & Tactics Exposed: Jack Posobiec on American Thought Leaders

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Thought Leaders Majisms

The attorney representing journalist Andy Ngo, who was assaulted by members of far-left extremist group Antifa during a protest in Portland, Oregon, said on July 2 that she intends to hold the city government and possibly its mayor liable for failing to protect one of its citizens.

But what is ANTIFA anyway ?


Thank Soros for ANTIFA.

Yeah, but it's bigger than Soros. Hopefully one day the truth will be known to all.

Whoever they are, they're fascists. ANTIFA is nothing to do with anti-fascism, like their misleading name wants us to believe. Their tactics are 100% Mussolini textbook.

I agree, the truth is generally pretty close to opposite of what the WRONG do or say.

Thousands of examples, just a matter of if the worlds population has the will to reject it before they are forced to fight to throw it off, again....

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