My Take On the Current Left vs Right Extremism - They're Telegraphing Civil War... Why Are People Falling For It?

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As far as I can tell, this whole "Antifa"/"BLM" vs "Alt-Right"/"Patriot" battle being spun up and played out is a standard divide & conquer by those controlling the media that both "sides" are consuming, clearly funneling them into this psuedo-civil-war. As I've covered in the past, and has been ramping up quite a bit since then, the media is actively pushing a public violence narrative.

It's hard to tell if this is simply election-year politics madness... or if they feel it would be easier to roll out the Great Reset if they bring on an actual civil war. Just like it is still unclear how much of the plandemic is simply for economic warfare, how much is for state control, and how much is for depopulation... at the moment it's anyone's guess.

How Did We Get Here

In recent US history, The "left" has undergone some pretty drastic changes... As a result of things like the Occupy movement, the anarchist left has grown quite a bit, which is great. Unfortunately, the majority of the "left" has also been completely brainwashed into the post-post-modernist religion of "Intersectionality." This has led them to think that everyone is racist, that racism/sexism is the root problem (rather than violent authoritarianism & capitalism.) The "left" has also pretty well bought the Climate Change lie hook, line, and sinker, which has caused them to align far more with oligarchs than anti-authoritarians at this point. Did I mention that the "left" has largely sided with the eugenicists & oligarchs when it came to the plandemic as well?

Because of this hyper focus the "left" has had on super fringe racists and white nationalist groups (and largely internet trolls) - then lumping everyone who disagrees with them as the same as those folks, have been quite effectively distracted from actually doing anything to combat the systems, organizations, and people who actively manufacture, maintain, and profit from oppression globally.

In response, the "right" rose up to fight the left, who they (largely correctly) see as wanting to "destroy America" - once again diverting attention away from the governments waging economic warfare, maintaining a surveillance state & a "drug war," taking 40% of their income, etc.

Obviously Trump was the character brought in to really kick this whole thing off, and the birth of the "post-truth" world, where people are literally getting completely contradictory realities fed to them, just by the various MSM, never mind once they start exploring the truly silenced voices.

As a Side Note

When was the last time you saw "antifa" using violence against paid, contracted, violent fascists (police, military, etc)? Why are there FAR more small businesses destroyed than Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Banks, etc?

Answer: I've seen one case, the guy who went to fire-bomb an ICE building (with immigrants inside)

The Solution

The "right" is made up of people who are generally anti-government (because of taxation, monopolies, surveillance, etc)...

The "left" is made up of people who are generally anti-government (because of the Military-Industrial-Complex, government schools, the drug war, etc)...

As soon as "both sides" simply realize/remember that the entire corporate/government structure is fascist/totalitarian, is run largely by eugenicists & pedophiles, and is operating exactly the way it was designed to work... then they can get unified, take this higher-than-ever level of anger, disappointment, and desire for change, and actually just give the finger to the parasite class.

I think it's very important that we start with where we agree (generally that violence & oppression are wrong), and from there we learn from greats like Fred Hampton, and we build unity. When it comes right down to it, the movement is larger than any of us realize.



That has been the hardest thing for me to witness, how easily so many have fallen inline with this divide. So many of my friends have been taken hook, line and sinker and I am now seen as a anti mask Fascist. Since when do we trust any government, since when have we believed the MSM, these are things I ask them and get no reply, they have fallen right into their hands. It is business as usually for those in power, their games continue. Only for now they stand stronger than ever, until people start to remember xx


that solution fixes disagreeing, but what can we do after that? how can we remove the parasites from power when they're protected by government security and lawmakers in general, sitting at the back of their private companies? because politicians are corrupted by money, and it's private companies who are making the offers.

The biggest killer of human beings in this world has been the state.

We now know that all of these revolutions are taken advantage of funded and distorted into totalitarianism.

Every grass Roots movement has been co-opted into the New world order model.

The only person that really has anything to gain as well as enough money to pay all these useful idiots, happens to be the one person that is testing the entire world.

Add to it this one leader and political party head, has been overseeing abuses to humanity on the scale that makes Hitler look like an underachiever.

what I'm talking about is the evil that is the Communist party of China.

If you want any real insight into this situation look at China being the funding. Trained Marxist operatives are not trained Marxist operatives at all in fact they believe in maoism not Marxism which is even more controlling belief. It is total totalitarianism.

We are looking at world war III on our doorsteps to remove Communist party of China.

And the worst part is that the Chinese citizens, who are not responsible for the evils the government causes.