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RE: The Okey-Doke - Derek Chauvin Charged with Murder

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Blue cities, especially Minneapolis, train their police officers to render alleged suspects or whoever unconscious, to do exactly what the one officer did to George Floyd, and that means the city is liable for the death and it could be argued that they in fact murdered that man.


I agree. Thanks for sharing your take on the
matter, @joeyarnoldvn. & ty for the resteem!

Sadly, @hivewatchers thinks I am spam and is going after me. I just wrote an article about it. This happens to me almost yearly since 2017, people put me on blacklists on Steem a few times or many times and it may happen again very soon.

Spam as a verb means: "Sending the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet." Perhaps they are under the impression that you're doing this. A simple way to avoid mistakenly sending people spam is to tailor your comments to be more personalized to either the author or the content of their post. I hope this helps!

What would you do if you didn't have time to tailor comments to thousands of people who may never respond back? Plus, what if you accidentally say a bunch of repeated phrases like how are you? There are so many things that can be identical. How many stories begin with once upon a time and ends with that they live happily ever after, the end? There are so many repeated phrases, slogans, idioms, patterns, generalities, and I used to talk about this when I would teach people English in Vietnam for five years. I know what spam is and I also know that it is kind of anti-art so to speak. Spam is the monster that lives under your bed. Art and beauty can be in the eye of the beholder and spam too. And spam can be compared to alleged infringing upon alleged copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc, allegedly, to an extent perhaps or even absolutely. Spam can be compared to plagiarism but it always comes down to what percentage might be too high or too low as things like I said can be repeated. Some people might say that if you purposely copy and paste what others wrote and say you wrote it, then that would be considered plagiarism and perhaps theft. I wonder if you were to simply rephrase the content and then say it was yours, is that also plagiarism? Of course, people may say it is not plagiarism if it was rephrased and everything enough, whatever enough means. But if you got ideas from other people and don't give them credit, then how is it not theft? My answer would be that people either steal or borrow or whatever as there is nothing new under the sun as King Solomon of David said about three thousand years ago. I say spam is like hate speech. The most important aspect to what spam is is that it is unwanted but by who is a critical question. What is one man's treasure is another man's trash and vice versa. The same thing with spam. In advertisement, Nike spams their ads and commercials and product placements and signs and billboards and papers and articles and all kinds of different things online and offline. Companies spam. People spam when they say hi, how are you? People say that again and again. If I don't like it when you say, "I'm sorry for your loss," if somebody dies, I could say you are spam as you are just saying you are sorry for my loss and yet you might be spamming me. You might just be saying it. I repeat myself especially when I talk to new people because I am testing them. I may just say hi. Because they may say nothing in return. And not a lot of people may see their posts. And they might be boring. And they might be bots. And there are so many factors. When you comment, it is like dating. But writing a long non-spam comment like the one I am writing would be like asking a girl to marry you on the first date. If your comment is too big and too long, it is like meeting a new person and trying to talk for ten hours straight to the stranger in a monologue where you talk not to them but at them. This comment for example might be too long for some people. Perhaps this comment is not spam to some people. But this comment could be considered spam to those who do not like it. One definition of spam is when words are repeated. I would argue that if letters are repeated, that is the same as when words are repeated. Another definition of spam is anything a person may not like or may not want which is subjective to the individual who can choose to not like bad things and good things.

Great comment, I see you put a lot of thought into the topic of spam. What it is, what it's not, and how much of that can be open to interpretation. I'm not going to defend what the folks at hivewatchers do. I think the onus of hiding the things we don't want to see is on us. All we need to do is utilize the mute button, and like magic, the people whose posts we don't want to see will vanish.

"What would you do if you didn't have time to tailor comments to thousands of people who may never respond back? "

I don't have the time or will to try and talk to thousands of people. The only possible scenario where I might try to do that is if I was focused on selling them a product. In which case, I wouldn't be communicating so much as advertising.

If you were a door greeter at a big mega-church, a giant soccer or football stadium, a movie theater, a Billy Graham crusade, a concert, on the side of a highway, etc, imagine saying hello to thousands of people, but what if you were accused of being spam or being fake and corny for saying hello again and again and then ask yourself a more important, what if certain aspects of the Internet could be like as Trump put it the other day like a digital version of a public town square? Now, I am not saying that Hive is a town square but I would simply add that if Hive people were to claim they were a town square, then I would have a few things to say to them in regards to that. Spam can be Repetition-Spam and spam can be Unwanted-Info Spam and spam can be a bit of both of those two things. People can call me spam if they want and sometimes I spam and sometimes I don't. It depends. And I do both kinds of spamming at times. And people can try to stop me from spamming repetition or spamming things they don't like. One problem I have is when I am accused of spamming unwanted text when my crime at a given case was actually repetition spam and not unwanted text spam. Of course, many people can say it doesn't matter which of the two it is or might be at any given situation. And of course people may have the freedom to create bots to attack spammers and others who may or may not be spammers and other things.


Everything is advertising even when you are not aware of it, directly indirectly, and that is why actors are paid so much money and they put the actors in commercials knowing that the face of the actor will psychologically connect people to their products and services whenever they see William Shatner at a convention or when they are watching Star Trek for example. Your brain does it on a subconscious level. It is subliminal. So, even if Star Trek is not marketing, not an ad, not advertisement at all of anything let's just say for argument sake, it then still is used as a form of marketing retrospectively. Likewise, I could sell stuff to you without selling stuff to you. If I go on Facebook and I am friends with people and they find out that I am on Hive, I am in fact selling Hive to them.

Mute Button

Yes, a mute button is a great thing as is customization which MySpace had more when compared to Facebook and I would prefer MySpace.

I see how it can be a murky area, especially if you aim to communicate with many. Unfortunately, HIVE is set up in such a way where "might makes right." Many times you're at the mercy of what people can do with their social influence or stake. So, the best advice I can suggest is to try and explain these things to hivewatchers before any blacklistings happen. If they want to regulate your behavior on the chain, then perhaps the onus is on them to tell you exactly what they expect and how they make their determinations of what is spam and what is not. Not saying you should have to cow to their whims, but once you find out what their deal with you is, if they are overstepping in their imaginary powers, then perhaps you can shine a light on that in your posting.

My plan is to modify my behavior. I will try not to repeat messages to stop the bots from detecting too much repetition. So, I try to add random words and spell things wrongs when I write to make sureeeeeee it is unique. And some bots in the past would get me for too much repetition in a comment even if the rest of the comment is totally brand new and unique. For example, I would make up a message to a new user, Hello Turtle Red, I love piano too, random things, but then would copy and paste the end, beginning, or center of my comment would be my name, and I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, or something like that, my name, something about me, often times it would be just my name, Joey or Oatmeal, but the bots would get me on that as that was repeated phrasing even as the rest of the comment was different. Since 2017, there have been different people and different bots that would run into me and would go after me or put me on real blacklists or alleged blacklists at other times and would confront me and these things came and went I think. Some of them, like a guy named Jordan for example, changed their views about me and thought I was spam and then realized I was trying to help the tadpoles, the minnows, the newbies on what was Steem at that time. Jordan also said I was retarded and he was basically trying to tell people to cut me some slack on the rules as I was mentally challenged from his perspective or so that is what he wrote and he made sure he didn't tag me in comment somewhere where he was telling people about me and he wrote that he didn't tag me because he didn't want me to see what he was writing about me. But I was able to find it. But regardless, I think he helped that one time, I think that was 2019, to get off that particular blacklist. He understood that I was an exception to the rule and I became a challenge for the bot programmers. The challenge was to stop spammers and not Oatmealers or people like me. I have the freedom to say that I'm not spam. But that doesn't mean I am or am not spam. But at the same time, people have the freedom to say that I am spam even if I'm not. And I understand all of that. But I write about this to let people know what is happening. But me talking about this is not going to magically make spam-killing bots disappear over night. And I am not totally against the idea of having bots that cleans things up. But at the same time, I'm aware of the dangers that bots can have.