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This sums up election 2020 pretty well, but social media is suppressing this information.

This cartoon is false.

FACT: Real people do not have googley eyes.

FACT: This cartoon is missing the establishment pre-propeganda context to properly not understand the joke.

FACT: You can not have any humor that might influence the moldable minds of the youth, unless it's approved comedy.

FACT: I do not take credit for this brilliant animation, please subscribe to "freedomtoons" on YouTube before they are banned.

FACT: This cartoon may make you chuckle at it's irony.

FACT: The blockchain will never fact check you, but your readers might. Freedom works that way.


I will not subscribe on ThemTube. If i do, they will most certainly be banned.
Its just the way my life goes.

All fun and games until you sub and they're banned. :-)

i have a bookmark folder for all the people's i follow. (so i can find them)

I have a sub-bookmark folder of ThemTube account links that no longer work. :-(

Yeah....that was pretty good!!! LOL