CV19 Not A Viral Pneumonia? Meanwhile, 5G in Homes (60Ghz millimeter)

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CV-19 Not A Viral Pneumonia?

A doctor in NYC has reported what he's been seeing very strange symptoms in his patients that are not at all consistent with a viral pneumonia.

I confirmed Dr Kyle-Sidell is a licensed physician in the state of NY. License is currently active and he has had no disciplinary actions taken against him (his license is in good standing)

I am a physician who has been working at the bedside of COVID+ patients in NYC. I believe we are treating the wrong disease and that we must change what we are doing if we want to save as many lives as possible. I welcome any feedback, especially from those bedside: doctors, nurses, xray techs, pharmacists, anyone and everyone. Does this sound wrong or right, is something more right? Please let me know. @cameronks

(If the video above goes dark, hopefully this wills still be live)

5G in Your Home

If you've been following the connection with COVID-19 symptoms and 5G, you may find this ironic. What could go wrong? 5G, millimeter wave 60 Ghz - download those videos super fast.


A closeup of the message above the advertisement:


This message seems perfectly normal, considering CV is what everyone's talking about, but understanding the proven connections between 5G millimeter wavelength and lung health, this takes on new meaning.


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Reblogged. I wonder how many will read/comment or better think this over. 💕

I hope many will read and contemplate the ramifications of this connection.

David Icke was talking about this very thing today in a podcast London real and people are already burning 5G towers

Amazing, maybe we'll see something like that in the US.