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Quick Update

Thank you to everyone who is currently using Informationwar on Weku. I will tag some users now that are posting currently! We are focusing on bringing more people over to Palnet and Weku, some details down below :)

@frogman18 @richq11 @iamvince @smithlabs @stevescoins @thoughts-in-time @enjoywithtroy2
@memecomic @moon32walker @squirrelbait @wakeupnd @joeyarnoldvn @vermithrax @ronaldo420

On the Weku platform we have a 200,000 WekuPower delegation!

Come on over and join Weku, start posting your posts from Steemit to Weku under the #informationwar tag for us to curate!

More information about Weku here from one of our own Information Warriors

Our announcement post about joining Weku

Palnet lets you earn double the rewards for your posts!

Yes you read that correctly, right now with the price of Palcoin being around 16 cents, our upvotes from the curation trail on Palnet are giving about the same amount in USD value as our Steempower upvotes!

If you post on and use the palnet tag, it also shows up on and is eligible for rewards

Palnet works by posting directly to Steem, or if you post on Steem it posts onto Palnet as well(if using the palnet tag). When we upvote a post on Steem it also upvotes your post on Palnet, earning you Palcoins.

Make sure you claim your airdropped coins for Palnet, then power them up just like Steempower. When you are in our curation trail on your upvotes will vote on Palnet and Steem at the same time! Earning you Palcoins and Steem! make sure you post on palnet and it auto posts right to Steem as well! We will upvote your post and you will earn Palcoin and Steem! :) Use the tag Palnet when posting.


Thanks to @aggroed @ausbitbank and everyone else who has made Palnet!


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How much is a WekuPower, in Steem ?

They are in the ICO phase right now. Hard to say how much it will be worth but right now on Bitshares it's like half a penny i think

Resteemed ;)
Is Weku connected to Steemit
like Palnet... use the hashtag and
enter with the posting key?

Weku is separate, you will make a brand new account for weku and passwords will be different

Ok. Thanks.
Is Weku on steem-engine or where
can you trade it?

It is on bitshares, you need to download bitshares to trade with it. weku is going to be listed on other exchanges as they finish up their ICO selling.

Ok. Got it.

In which exchange WEKU is listed?

It is on bitshares right now(bitshares is something you have to download). They are in the ICO phase right now and will be getting listed on major exchanges later on.

Thank you for the info. I am planning to join WEKU. I have visited several times but never tried to sign up there.

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